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  1. i guess, that no one is 😞
  2. Bought my ticket with the BF discount. Pretty confident it will go on.
  3. here you go https://www.facebook.com/byzegut/photos/3492033047541893
  4. Artists (millionnaires) will don't need to queue for vaccine
  5. Ziolkowski from Open'er said on the radio that he is trying to book again The Cure
  6. Would love to return to Mad Cool (the 2019 was great) in 2021. Fingers crossed!
  7. They just don't learn. Managers hate leakers.
  8. If the cases will drop and stay low for a fair amount of time - they'll go out. It will start with teenagers and then the rest. But the vaccine must be rolled out.
  9. Oh, of course there will be covid cases. In form of outbreaks. But with the immunity it will be easier to handle
  10. That's what I assume as well. The second wave hits hard in places that we're closed quick in March e.g. Eastern Europe. In my opinion we're in the endgame now - and it will take 6 months.
  11. Indeed. Fingers crossed for a working vaccine (it looks good at the moment) and a trend with dropping cases. Then we dance
  12. Let's take that the vaccine is being rolled out. The gov says that mass gatherings will be allowed to run from x.x date. But the covid cased don't stop. The'll shut everything once again. It's just a snap to enforce a ban for gatherings/festivals. Big concerts will be back Q4 2021 or 2022
  13. Would love that but... I've got a feeling that they'll (Europe + USA) not take down the restrictions fast enough for fest to roll out.
  14. Things not looking good for summer 2021 fest season as for now.
  15. On their FB page they've just written that she decided to start the tour in August.
  16. no Tones & I in Europe during summer 2021 according to Colours of Ostrava
  17. Yes, he has. https://opener.pl/en/events/290/kendrick-lamar
  18. in 2021 Metallica will be celebrating 40 years on stage (dunno if it's them for the 5th day but I suppose it's a biggie for the band and would love to play some shows).
  19. There was a time when Judas Priest (they are in the agent's roster) were playing Woodstock in Poland (PolAndRock nowdays) and I've heard that the backstage was a mess. Sensitive situation I suppose
  20. On the poster yes, but I don't recall that The Killers were named as a co-headliner. On the other hand it doesn't matter. PJ are unlikely. I assume that they booked venues asap but are not feeling safe to make the announcement. If they decide to play only festival then maybe there is a chance (if their agent isn't the one pissed about how MC is handling things). .
  21. I would go with ASAP Rocky as he was announced for Open'er in July as well
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