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  1. Hoping for War on Drugs. The "S" looks like Slowdive
  2. That's a crazy band name 😂 Yeah, well maybe it doesn't mean anything.
  3. Mad Cool teasing on Instagram, givig the emoji 🔮 to some bands called by fans
  4. Kusy

    2021 New Music

  5. It is a sign that all is going good with vaccines.
  6. yeah, there are talks with the gov to include test. Maybe they'll go with it from 1 July.
  7. Poland: https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/vaccinated-people-exempt-from-social-limits-says-health-minister-22431
  8. Dunno about the rest UE, but Poland offers only entry for fully vaxed. Fest Festival (James bay, Nothing but thieves, Rag n Bone Man confirmed) said that they plan go to with this.
  9. The EU is on the final straight to introduce a vaccination certificate and, for example, in Poland, the current indications are that it will be the only possible way to enter a concert in the near future. Personally, I have no problem with the fact that only vaccinated people could participate in mass events. Although there are also voices that it is sanitary segregation (especially in social media) and the well-known Polish band Kult has issued a statement that they believe this is apartheid. In the UK, vaccination passport plans have reportedly been abandoned. I wonder if this plan will come back?
  10. Yeah, it will be nearly 1:1 lineup @ eurofestivals.
  11. Two tickets for Manic Street secured via presale ❤️ Gonna be hell-of-a-trip: MSP + Genesis 😄 Any other gigs during the first week of October?
  12. Got an email just past 6 pm
  13. Honestly, I don't want it to happen in 2021 with some filler bands. Just postpone it to '22 and give me the full experience.
  14. got my first jab! 😄
  15. Never said it will affect this summer. But might be crucial for the next one worldwide 🙂
  16. Hoping that there will be Mad Cool in 2022.
  17. We'll be in a much better situation (but the current one isn't that bad!) when that pfizer pill will be approved 🙂
  18. I guess it will happen someday (looking like in 2022) 😄
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