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  1. It's a strange thing with TBK. Thought that they gonna play Europe 100%. Maybe not in the summer/ or festivals. Will update if anything new arises.
  2. dunno - only info i got is that they won't consider festivals.
  3. It's a thing I know - will not proof anything, you can believe or not
  4. update: The Black Keys will not play fests in Europe/ summer 2020
  5. PJ is on the agent's booking list for Europe in 2020 so who knows ;))
  6. It seems that Pearl Jam will be touring 2020 + new album
  7. Got an e-mail from MC about the tickets and there's something called: Voucher 1 of 1 Welcome Party. Do you guys know if it's a ticket to the pre party or a discount? I bought my tix as Early Bird Festicket.
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