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  1. I've just been reading about life in Germany in the 1930s and I believe we should be careful to learn the lessons of history. "Kill Jewish Scum" would have been a perfectly acceptable song at the time.
  2. My top tip for tipi-dwellers ("tipsies"?): come and visit us up at Lost Horizon, the wonderful "hippy hangout" top-right of the Tipi Field. Pop in and we'll happily show you round. For a small admission fee* enjoy the scorching sauna, hot(-sh) showers, organic cafe, plunge pool, trampoline, live music and a unique safe space for unencumbered sunbathing. It's fabulous! (*It was £10 all day in 2017 as I recall.)
  3. I'm one of the crew at the Lost Horizon Sauna nearby in the Tipi Field. I wonder if we'll be overlooked by the pier and if we'll need additional screening. (This is the stuff of saucy seaside postcards!)
  4. I'm not one of the organisers of that side of things but I guess we'll have a list at reception of all the £30+ donors' names. So it should be enough simply to quote the name you put on the crowdfunder to get the weekend pass. I'll speak to James next time I see him and confirm if that's the case. Of course if you opted to be anonymous this probably won't work!
  5. Good news! We've smashed through our ambitious crowdfunding target and have now reached a staggering 104%, so we're definitely confirmed for Glastonbury. Plus today a very positive report on Somerset Live which is worth a read: https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/glastonbury-festival-2019-lost-horizon-2860261
  6. In the north-east corner of the Green Fields, by the railway embankment, next to the entrance to Shangri-la, you'll find Sue & Mark's magic-hat sauna. It's a lovely venue popular with traditional festivalgoers. Get in the sauna (in a converted horse-box), get extremely hot, drink plenty of water, then head to the showers. There's usually a queue for the hot showers, but never one for the cold. Don't forget to give a little scream as the icy water hits (just to prove you're still alive!) then head back to the sauna to restart your heart. But when you're hot enough again and return to the cold shower it is absolute bliss. You'll be revitalised and feel great for hours afterwards. Remember to leave a donation in the magic hat. They're not capitalists, so it's whatever you can afford.
  7. Greetings Glastonbury-lovers! (in Alan Freeman voice) I'll be a whopping 67-years-old next month and this will be my 16th, incredibly. I discovered this other-worldly celebration of the joy of life in late middle-age after seeing coverage on Channel Four and determining to find out for myself. I picked-up a spare ticket from Radstock Tourist Information and checked-in to a B&B in Evercreech before cycling to Pilton. Needless to say I was "literally blown away" (as the youngsters say) when I entered the site and experienced the unique sense of excitement. After a few years I discovered the wonderful Lost Horizon Sauna up in the Tipi Field and became a regular visitor. Eventually they invited me to join the crew and this year I'll be on-site for 10 days, helping with the set-up, acting as a kitchen boy and chopping wood for the sauna. It's an extraordinary experience and the crew are a lovely bunch of cool characters. I do feel slightly guilty when I read of the trauma of those who couldn't get tickets and I'm forever humbled to be chosen to help at Lost Horizon. If you're passing the Tipi Field (just above Pennard Hill Ground) do pop-in and we'll show you around. It's a beautiful little haven of peace and everyone is welcome (well, not the idiots, obvs!)
  8. However bad the weather has been, let's be grateful: at least it's never snowed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48183306
  9. Mark Doran

    Cider bus

    The legendary bus awaits. It's parked in a farmyard near the wonderfully-named village of Kingsbury Episcopi: https://www.somersetciderbrandy.com/the-cider-bus
  10. Mark Doran

    Comedy tent

    I saw one aspiring comedian on the Saturday in 2016 who thought he was very funny. His whole act was based on a deconstruction of David Cameron (remember him?) and he'd clearly spent weeks mastering his analysis of the politician's inadequacies as Prime Minister. Of course Cameron had resigned the previous day and the comedian's entire act was meaningless!
  11. We made it! We've finally smashed-though our ambitious £8,236 target. Thank you to you all for your wonderfully generous contributions. The whole Lost Horizon team are hugely grateful. Love makes the world go round - but it doesn't pay the bills! When James Walford set up the crowdfunder back in October some of us scoffed that he was being ludicrously over-optimistic. He has proved us wrong as the donations gradually poured-in. Now we can be sure we'll meet all our expenses and be back at Worthy Farm in June. Come and visit us up in the Tipi Field. You can be sure of a warm welcome (it is a sauna after all!) It's immensely humbling to realise just how much our little outfit is appreciated by our loyal band of supporters. It's been a tremendous team effort.Our love to you all!
  12. I'll be volunteering at the Lost Horizon sauna venue. We have a simple dress code: nothing! If it's hot, bum around in the garden; if it's cold, jump in the sauna; if it's raining, dance in the rain! But I'll be taking a selection of garmentry to wear outside Lost Horizon so as not to upset the punters. Sun hat, shorts and sandals I hope!
  13. Yes, you're right herzzreh. All contributions of £30 or over entitle the donor to a free weekend wristband to Lost Horizon at Glastonbury. James will compile a list, once the crowdfunding is complete, of all the names. So, if £30 seems rather a lot to give, think of all the free hot showers over the course of five days!
  14. Thank you immensely all of you who've contributed. We're now just £66 short of our very ambitious target. If we do over-run, the extra funds will go towards the inevitable but unforeseen additional expenses. Lost Horizon is a labour of love, but things have to be paid-for. Meanwhile, tell your friends about us and suggest they visit us up in Tipi Field. We'll be delighted to show them round (and they can remain-fully-clothed!)
  15. Wow! That's so generous. Thank you. Yes, please bring your spare trampoline to Glastonbury. I've only just forked-out £339 for a new one but there might be space in the Lost Horizon garden for a second trampoline. If not we might put it up in a corner of the Tipi Field outside. In the worst case perhaps we could sell it on e-bay to raise funds for other essentials. Whatever, we'll be immensely grateful. Lost Horizon runs on love, plus the kindness of supporters such as yourself. Best way to contact me is by e-mail: markdoranoxford@gmail.com
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