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  1. Mark Doran

    Lost Horizon crowdfunding: please help!

    Just bumping this topic for new readers. You may have heard of Lost Horizon - the wonderful "hippie" sauna and garden-of-eden up in the Tipi Field. It's a relaxed and safe venue with hot sauna, warm showers and a cool vibe. Well, we're crowdfunding and need your help to ensure we're back next summer. So far we've achieved nearly two-thirds of our £6,000 target, so we're optimistic. Please give a small amount and share with like-minded friends who might like to contribute. Thank you! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lost-horizon
  2. Mark Doran

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    Nothing round the house I'm afraid, but I did have an armful of wristbands, which often acted as a useful conversation-starter. Unfortunately when I had an operation the nurse who was preparing me said she wanted me naked in case there was any infection. I told her they were only wristbands and she replied that they were filthy and cut them off. They were like hero's medals to me and I was proud to show them off to youngsters like an old soldier. Now all have is my precious memories....
  3. Mark Doran

    No More Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

    Just a gentle bump to keep this thread prominent. I'm delighted to report that we have now sailed past the 50% mark and are well on our way to achieving our target of £6,000 by Christmas. Please copy this to anyone you think might want to contribute to the survival of the wonderful Lost Horizon and its unique ethos. Thank you! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lost-horizon
  4. Mark Doran

    No More Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

    Hello Underscore! Yes, I am indeed oxfordblues from VloodyCloody (a bunch of festival friends, by the way). We've already reached £2.875, over 47% of our £6,000 target. The average donation so far this month has been £100 per day, gratifyingly. So if it continues at the same rate we should reach our target in about 30 days, let's say by mid-December. The financial shortfall is actually £6,606 - plus there are expenses of £1,630 specifically for Glastonbury. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. If you haven't yet, please see if you can send a small amount our way. It's a really good cause and many people are passionate about its benefits. Did you know that regular sauna-users can expect to live 10 years longer than the average? And the joy of naked trampolining is something everyone should experience once in their lives! It's a wonderful venue. I should dispel any fears that there might be an empty space next June in the Tipi Field where Lost Horizon should be. Emily Eavis has told me personally that she believes it to be an essential part of the Festival's ethos (alongside the Green Futures, the Permaculture Garden and SAMS Sauna, for example). She wanted to visit us last year but didn't have time in the end. Here's the link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lost-horizon
  5. Mark Doran

    No More Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

    Could the title of this thread be changed please by deleting the "No more" as I'm confident Lost Horizon will indeed be in the Tipi Field next summer?
  6. Mark Doran

    No More Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

    Hello, I'm one of the Lost Horizon crew and thought I'd pop in here to update you on progress with our Crowdfunding appeal. We're just approaching 50% of our £6000 target and I'm confident that at the current rate of donations we'll get there by Christmas. The whole ethos of Lost Horizon is based on love, acceptance and respect and it's a unique venue for relaxing non-sexual social nudity. People have told me it's changed their lives, helped them eliminate their body-shame and made them more easy-going. But then of course there's money: everything has to be paid for, not least the truck that conveys the infrastructure. So I hope you'll consider contributing even a small amount. I spoke to Emily Eavis last year and she told me she's very supportive, considering Lost Horizon to be reminder of the "hippy" spirit that's still a part of the Festival's unique atmosphere Thank you!
  7. Mark Doran

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm probably one of the oldest people on these boards (66 no less!). I first went to Glastonbury in 2000, the last year before The Fence and was enthralled by the whole place. More recently I discovered the delights of the Lost Horizon sauna venue up in the Tipi Field. When my father died and left me a tidy amount I was able to give some of it to help support Lost Horizon. In return they invited me to join their crew. So now I spend ten days on site, more often than not naked, and it's the highlight of my summer. For many years I've also been part of the VloodyCloody gang and we meet up at festivals as old friends.