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  1. Pique is that you? 😂 love the way this forum has been hijacked by football
  2. Don’t tell Espanyol fans Barcelona is a one club city 😂
  3. https://www.ticketswap.uk/primavera-sound so what I can tell this is probably your best bet for attempting to sell a ticket. Or if they are general admission tickets you can have a go at selling them privately on social media I guess due to the fact they don’t tend to check the name on the tickets. I hope this helps
  4. The cider they had on last year weren’t too bad either
  5. Thursday is absolutely stacked for me personally. I’m already shitting myself about potential clashes 😂
  6. Yeah exactly! Mad Cool is just a mash up of acts that have been at Primavera over the last two editions and The Cure from 2012.
  7. APE announcing their next instalment soon hopefully we’ll actually get a possible Primavera headliner at last
  8. Yeah I get that. I suppose I was just hoping that in a Glasto year with people obviously wanting to go to that too we’d get an inkling of who we were getting at Primavera a bit earlier 😂. Definitely a lot harder to predict this year though. Ahhh yes forgot about the leak!
  9. With Mad Cool announcing The Cure and Vampire Weekend so early makes me think they won’t be at Primavera. I know they shared AM last year but didn’t Primavera announce them first?
  10. Primal Scream at All Points East would love them for the Wednesday night headliner here
  11. The Cure playing NOS alive. Hopefully they can still share with Primavera. They usually share one headliner and shared The Cure in 2012
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