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  1. Congrats to all winners so far! What an amazing comp to win! Most I’ve ever won is a tin of quality street in a cricket club raffle
  2. Problem with SH is there’s just no vertical interest. No trees, almost nothing beyond it, and it’s approached from the flat wilderness of the Other Stage. So the ugliness of Sonic dominates the landscape, I don’t feel any joy walking towards it in the same way as a cabaret style tent. Some of the other venues are cool. I love The Blues, and if it were inside the SE corner I/we would probably rave about it (and in it).
  3. Best - Avalon obvs Worst - Silver Hayes obvs. Funny old place
  4. Same! And I really like the acts there it’s just a location/motivation problem
  5. Late to the party, but amazing line up in a genius venue. More exciting than the main poster for me: Morcheeba, Cat Empire, Reef, Frank, boom! (And probs some banana action)
  6. @Homer “Foo Fighters were kind of on the way anyway. Dave and Krist spent some of their later sessions, when Kurt went AWOL and didn't turn up, working on demos that became the Foo's first album. They also did some other sessions when Kurt did turn up with Kurt on drums and Dave singing and playing guitar.“ Didnt know that, interesting, thanks
  7. Could you include 2018 data? We know it was fallow but if it had happened it would have been the driest and hottest Glasto on record? Wouldn’t it?
  8. So interesting, thanks @Keithy nb// wasted all my upvotes on much more useless stuff, soz
  9. Interesting thought experiment. I had a ticket for the Cardiff gig (April 9th I think) and always mourn not seeing them. Such a loss. He clearly had a huge cultural impact. Maybe far beyond his talent...? Glasto never embraced Nirvana’s contemporaries so hard to see how they would have embraced Nirvana too. But maybe like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden they would have got much bigger, but not any better. And they had probably peaked in cultural impact terms. I like to think he’d have embarked on a Neil Young like solo career. And one day played Pyramid. Personally Foofighters don’t interest me but fairly sure Grohler would have ended up making some kind of supergroup at some point regardless - he’s too talented and charismatic not to.
  10. As Glasto wasn’t on last year I decided to quit on what would have been Glasto weekend. All going pretty well so far, haven’t had a single one, but I know I’m going to want to smoke at Glasto... Has anyone else recently quit and got any thoughts/advice/strategies to share? I’d like to think I’d just have a few cheeky ones each day and return to normality still in quit mode, but that might be unrealistic...
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