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  1. Doesn’t mean it will work/Be safe/virus won’t mutate/other sciences things. But fingers crossed.
  2. I wouldn’t assume we can vaccinate against this. We have no vaccines for the common cold.
  3. @Sasperellapublic health England (PHE)
  4. Yes, risky, yet there’s a very large ecosystem of freelancers, artisans, and contractors who literally wouldn’t survive financially if all festivals - and the rest of the cultural calendar - were to be cancelled. People not on the luxury of a steady salary, sick leave, blah blah. It’s hard to see how we just shut down all this stuff...
  5. Mountain Mayhem in end of June cancelled, Glocs. Eek.
  6. Italy to ‘close all schools and Uni’s till mid March’
  7. Because people can’t afford doctor’s appointments?
  8. Yes and no. Anyway, we’re way off topic now. CANCEL EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY THOSE PANGOLIN FUCKERS
  9. He’s not saying we shouldn’t eat meat. He’s saying we shouldn’t eat species we know we are pushing to extinction.
  10. For those who don’t know pangolins have the unique misfortune of being the most widely traded wild animal in the world. And there’s fuck all of them left in the wild, so if nothing else we shouldn’t eat them on purely ethical grounds.
  11. Sort of true, yes, it might not matter. There are at least two different debates being conflated in all this stuff (not by you McShed), which affect these discussions: 1) unsanitary animal husbandry, slaughter, and eating of domesticated animals in close proximity 2) Ethical and disease concerns over the eating of very rare wild animals (we eat domesticated animals partly because the disease risk is lower than from unstudied wild species, like bats and pangolins) In all this there is a broader animal rights discussion that objects to dogs being burnt and skinned alive and so on. Clearly UK factory farms also aren’t nice places to spend your days before waiting for the chop... So probably some truth and some hypocrisy in the wider scheme.
  12. ‘Glastonbury is definitely happening’ apparently
  13. Dire Straits, Cardiff Arms Park. 1991/2...? edit: 1992.
  14. Forget that idea, cancel the fucker
  15. Look - if we’re all gonna die we may as well have Glastonbury as one last hurrah. We’ll even invite Matt Hancock
  16. Different video then. I watched one a year ago or so.
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