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  1. Just watched Outbreak with Dusty Hoff and Kevin Rapey-Spacey. Do not recommend from an anxiety perspective. Ok, good chat
  2. She didn’t say over how long (did she?) which is the important bit. If 70% of us get it in the next 2-3 months, fucko. If 70% of us get it over the next 5 years, fine. It will hurt but we’ll get through. This is why we have to flatten the curve.
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/9oD8La5nVWSFsYAb6 Edit: I obvs can’t use gifs, what a loser
  4. Sam Harris’s latest pod on Corona is excellent: Sam Harris Corona
  5. It will pass to people on variable mortgages though. GOOD FOR THEM I’M REALLY PLEASED FOR THEM ON MY FIXED
  6. It’s meaning that people with other ailments aren’t being treated (and therefore dying) plus the medical staff are also now getting sick. And those presenting with Corona but with prior illnesses aren’t being treated. Edit: young people also being heavily affected in Italy. So the idea that it only affects old/sick seems wrong/harmful.
  7. I don’t see how it’s possible to read the reports from Italian hospitals - which are pretty well equipped and staffed - and still think this is a ‘load of bollocks’.
  8. This is the kind of content the crowds are here for
  9. @stuartbert two hatshaha yeah! Don’t worry though, I’m sure soon the governments, doctors, policy makers, and transnational organisations will realise that a bunch of stoned festival goers were right all along!
  10. No need for the WHO to bother headhunting or recruiting from fancy universities. Just need to dip in this thread and take their pick of expert epidemiologists.
  11. Having not studied immunology for nearly 20 years, and not understanding it then either, this is what I’ve commonly thought too!
  12. @grilladelphiathanks! Must’ve risen by 50% since then, do you think?
  13. I think it’s more, but can’t find where I read that. Edit: Sorry for such a crap comment, I shouldn’t have bothered! 😹
  14. whitehorses

    Hand sanitizer

    In a few thousand years time... theologists will look back to try and decipher why so many global religions incorporate highly elaborate hand-washing and lengthy rituals into their practices.
  15. Cornwall is positively tropical, plus I don’t have Corona yet. Therefore Glasto is definitely ON today.
  16. The British tendency towards social-reservedness may help us...
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