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  1. No mention of cv and posh camping tickets? Think those also rolled over? If so that’s quite a lot of cash they’re hanging onto
  2. This is apropos of not very much, but may help some of you, but my partner’s father (who has suffered pneumonia several times) just walked in to a private London hospital and got a CV test. Sounded like for free, or if not for not very much money.
  3. Maybe the leaks were deliberate to soften the blow. To ‘flatten the curve’ of the fallout as it were...
  4. They’re all getting high on 60% alcohol hand sanitiser though fair play
  5. We need a name for the period of history, 2016 - 2020 The Beasting of humanity? The second Dark Ages?
  7. I’ve been self-isolating since before it was cool. Yours, an INTJ
  8. So presumably China will see repeated waves resembling Wuhan in other regions?
  9. China is saying it is past the peak. And, what, 80,000 of them caught it? How many are they expecting to get it in the next 12 months or so? So why are we saying 60% of us are going to get it?
  10. If ICUs are going to be overwhelmed can we ask the Chinese to send over some of the ventilators? They must have a fair few lying around gathering dust now. cc, Bozza, PHE, and the WHO
  11. When do people (not you lot) think Italy’s peak will be?
  12. Just went to Asda post work, which is normally like a war zone. It was about 50% less busy than usual. #SCIENCE
  13. Agree. If we must have a lockdown let’s get it done sooner rather than later.
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