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  1. Interesting. Devon and Cornwall Police are all over my Facebook telling me not to drive anywhere, they’re stopping cars all over the place, and there’s been a chopper cruising the beaches. Bastards. Edit: Of course, that tweet feels entirely correct to me.
  2. As you say the rules are pretty clear, people shouldn’t be traveling
  3. Yes precisely and my ‘local area’ is slap bang in the middle of the countryside. Even farmers are trying to stop people walking on public footpaths that cross their land, never mind the exclusion from all the local NT places and beaches. The rule May be sensible in some places, in others not so much - hence me hoping this is one that gets relaxed soonest. The ‘don’t come into the office’ rule I can live with a bit longer tho
  4. Where are we meant to exercise if we’re not allowed ‘anywhere’? Weird thing to say
  5. But still there was loads of space and no reason to go very near others. Yes Snowdon was an interesting one, but near me most of the beaches are now closed, but there was never any more than 10 people on them anyway at this time of year. So the rule seems counter productive, by closing big open areas it forces people closer together in less spacious places
  6. I hope the first restrictions lifted are the banning of people going to National Parks and Trust (and similar) beaches and parklands, etc. This rule seems particularly insane.
  7. Watching newsnight just confused me too
  8. Quite, seems pretty clear to me. It only seems confusing if people are determined to make it confusing. (That isn’t to say there are good answers for many people)
  9. Ah that would have been amazing too. I’ve always loved the crowd images of the 02 gig. Insomnia
  10. No but we might have better anti virals by then
  11. Thanks! Yeah I totally agree with you that many many more people have had it than we know about. And clearly 5k is a nonsense. What i think we disagree without knowing we disagree is what that fraction of the population actually looks like. I’d suggest we are <1% infected of our 66,000,000. I think I might agree with the ‘loads of us have had it unknowingly’ at about 10% of population. But a bit subjective I suppose.
  12. @Deaf Nobby Burtoncan you explain what you mean? To me the 22,000 German Cases shows they’ve been testing way more. It doesn’t tell me ‘loads of us have had it’. It we multiply the death rates out that would put us at 66,000 cases (rather than the ludicrous 5,000 stated)
  13. Can you source 93% have little to no symptoms? Haven’t seen that figure before. I thought 20% became seriously ill, with a chunk of that needing hospitalisation.
  14. Not sure how much I buy the ‘loads of us have had it already’ line of thinking. The infection mathematics wouldn’t seem to suggest we have. It does seem like lots of us will get it in the next few months... Hope they develop an antibody test so we’ll know for sure
  15. wish I’d been at faithless 02, Bowie, and the infamous levellers 94 gig.
  16. Odd thought that most efesters will have had it by then. Yes hope you’re right, but this thing looks a right c**t
  17. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (yeah ok forget I mentioned it)
  18. How secure do you think 2021 is? The projections sound very worrying... Corona to last till spring 2021
  19. Agree, there’ll be lots of overspill into 2021. 2021 is gonna be epic!
  20. It’s a nice, but maybe fanciful, idea. Edit: Would feel a bit boring knowing that much of the poster 15 months in advance no?
  21. Feel very sorry for this small festival. They tried to launch last year, but got scuppered the week before by a planning technicality. They were all set to go again this year... Would you pick yourself up for a third shot? Rhetorical question, no need to answer
  22. If most of us are to get Corona virus I hope to catch mine on Glasto week this year.
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