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  1. Interesting: Police guidance changed according to Grauniad
  2. My missus has been furloughed. One project she was working on have asked her to carry on working on it freelance. Is that allowed? The organisation paying the freelance work isn’t her employer.
  3. I’ll wfh for now. But got a 2 year old running round...
  4. I’ve just been told. I can carry on wfh for 90% or furlough myself for 80%
  5. Someone who’s furloughed...?
  6. I think Ltd company sole employees are allowed to do necessary admin work. That must include payroll
  7. Seems silly that a company can’t switch the status of an employee. Countless business examples of why someone status may need switching
  8. “Employers can use this scheme anytime during this“ This reads to me like it can be dipped in and out of?
  9. @eFestivalsare you the sole employee of a ltd?
  10. I am being offered furlough. Apparently it rolls in 3 week blocks so can dip in and out of it. I don’t think I’ll take it yet, but maybe in a few weeks
  11. Eek. What’s the situation with Efests?
  12. Thanks @Havorsinteresting. Yeah it got downgraded from being a HCID a few weeks ago - I don’t think that impacts how seriously we need to take it tho
  13. If you know about more minor infections then the death rate appears lower. If you only know about more severe infection then death rate would appear higher. Given equality of care the overall death rate should be fairly evenly distributed across the globe. But we all know we don’t get equal care... And some populations, elderly for example, will also skew that.
  14. @Toilet Duck @Brave Sir Robin thanks both. Yes massive testing clearly helping death rate. I heard that about German reporting via an academic doing Covid modelling so took it at more-or-less face value.
  15. As I *understand it Germany reports deaths according to the underlying condition not Covid. Hence why their death rate seems lower. So if we do switch to that kind of reporting we’re not alone. *i don’t know if this is true though
  16. I am complaining, see above, but I understand why
  17. I think you’re reading my replies wrongly. I completely agree that our freedoms should be curtailed. I am ‘sucking it up’ as you put it and managing to do so without sounding smug to people trying to be friendly to them on the internet. At least I’m aiming to sound friendly. The specific freedom, and the point I first made, I hope comes back soonest is the the getting outside one. If it doesn’t well then Corona will be the least of our worries; we will have a mental health - and other - apocalypse that will haunt the next decade. Edit: But yes, fundamentally I do think police spying on people walking remote moors and beaches is wrong. Medically, socially, and liberally it makes no sense. The discincttion between that and your local busy park is maybe too complicated for them to make so perhaps you’re right, they have no choice.
  18. Can imagine. Funny old times. Do you still think most of us have had it, or has your opinion changed?
  19. Yep, getting to know my lane quite well
  20. I’m bravely staying at home 💪 Anyway, don’t you think ‘most’ of us have had it already? Therefore what’s the big deal?
  21. Snowdon is a poor example because it’s especially famous. Would be interesting to see how many were at far less famous Snowdonia sites. And people were operating under the advice that getting into the countryside was a good thing - NT and others were marketing their places on this assumption. So it’s wrong to imply people were flouting a rule
  22. Yeah that’s a cool opinion - and undoubtedly some of it true - unless you live there and now can’t do anything. While fucking Asda is open stopping people going to remote empty car parks is ludicrous
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