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  1. We are surely blessed by some higher power with all the morally and linguistically perfect people in these forums.
  2. Ok. But they are still fighting, right? Anyway, I agree with you I just think it’s something imperfect that we say. How about praying? Haven’t seen much anger at all the ‘prayer’ inferences in these things. Surely prayer has zero place in a pandemic?
  3. Yes, I understand that. As I think is clear in my post. But I/we also engage in personal ‘fightS ’ don’t we? Many very ill people say “I fought x and y illness” etc. Or “I will fight it”. My point is, it’s not perfect it’s just one of the things we say
  4. People getting agitated about the word ‘fighter’. I find it much more concerning how much people are invoking ‘praying’ into all these press conferences.
  5. What’s a better phrasing for a press conference? I’ve tried wondering and after praising medical teams always end up with something similar.
  6. I understand it can be construed like that. But to me that feels like an unfair interpretation. “They’re a fighter” (and similar) is just something we say to make *ourselves* feel better in helpless situations. A bit like saying “I’m praying for him” or whatever. No one says to someone who said they’ll pray for someone that dies “Oh so your god didn’t work!? What a crap god” I have said “they’re a fighter” about people who have gone on to die. I will try not to say it again, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right words
  7. We all know Lord Bath types who were born poor. They’re the same as him, just without the fuck off house @Neil
  8. Haha. Yeah, but calling him eccentric isn’t like calling him a ‘genius’. It’s just expressing how peculiar he was - it’s not even a compliment. I’m fairly sure he’d have worn that clobber if he’d been born a poor man. And if born a poor man he wouldn’t have been draped in tigers he’d have been draped in smelly ferrets.
  9. It’s also fantastically easy when born into huge wealth to be massively dull. Bath may have been lots of things, but he certainly wasn’t dull
  10. Sure is. Weird clapback over an expression of sadness
  11. Everything was better while Glasto was still happening
  12. I’ll give this an upvote when my thing is reset. (FWIW I don’t give the slightest fuck about Andy Ngo. My own socials tell me this is not an outlying position. Your aspersions that I’m - and others - a ‘fascist‘ for disagreeing with you and disliking the BoJo death lady is just crazy, I’m a fucking Green Party member. Anyway, let’s leave it hey). X
  13. I dislike Andy Ngo intensely. But I dislike your form of mental gymnastics to excuse this lady’s behaviour almost as much. And I just took a quick glance at the hole that is Twitter - it’s absolutely full of people wishing Boris dead. Exactly the people that would be defended in retrospect in forums like this. Yes, politics is a sewer. Peace out.
  14. It seems you’ve mistaken me for the people wishing other people dead. Give it a rest
  15. The ‘kinder gentler politics’ was full of death wishes for various groups, or indeed anyone slightly to the right of Karl Marx. My twitter and fb all day every day was DEATH TO TORIES, DIE TORY SCUM etc etc. To pretend this lady is some kind of outlier is a nonsense. To pretend she is, in fact, the victim is even weirder. Congrats
  16. It’s still not a point. But nice try.
  17. No, because it’s not a point. It’s not hard to not wish people horrible deaths. However much you oppose their ideas.
  18. A v sensible idea now Starmer has assembled a seemingly sensible team
  19. Not necessarily, but potentially
  20. This disease is an absolute fucker
  21. Same. Saw it when it came out and had merrily forgotten most things about it till re-watched the other day 😂 Always remembered the ‘its airborne’ moment though, classic
  22. Sad about Lord Bath, one of the great eccentrics
  23. Me too. It was as good as she could have done. Don’t understand the hate.
  24. No, they also think 3G gave us SARS (2003) and 4G gave us Swineflu (2009). True story. Got a lunatic on my fb spouting this stuff all the time
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