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  1. 1 minute ago, Hugh Jass said:

    It's a delicate balance, I can't pretend I'm above shitting on acts I don't like (Courteeners, RHCP spring immediately to mind) but at the same time people really shouldn't be made to feel bad for liking what they like. I feel a lot of people will express their disappointment at something but not offer an alternative for fear of attack.

    Very true. I have to accept I’m old and out of date and therefore I have to accept that the line up really isn’t for me. And I’m pretty cool with that. Some people can’t accept that the line up isn’t built specifically for them and their tastes. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Old irrelevant shite/Pop shite/Old boring shite would be the internet's reaction.


    Exactly. Which is why such games are futile. Edit: Someone above - I can’t remember who, perhaps you - said the internet reaction to *anyone* is bad. And that’s totally true, so we can only try and triangulate our personal wishes with what Glasto can get. And mostly be ok with it. I’ll be pretty pissed if it turns out to be Billie/Harry/Kanye at Glasto tho. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Matt42 said:

    Yeah you are right - it just irks me a lot of people have plenty to say about the lineup but never declare who they would prefer.

    Challenge accepted.

    Pearl Jam / Taylor / Pink Floyd.

    Anything else is shite and not worthy of worthy. 😇

  4. 1 hour ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Dave is one of the biggest UK rappers out there at the moment, probably at similar levels to Stormzy when he was getting ready to headline. He'd comfortably be a Glastonbury sub at he moment and exactly the sort of headliner booking R/L have been making in recent years.

    Definitely wouldn't suggest he's a weak booking.

    Definitely not weaker IMO. For the very little it’s worth I think Dave is a fair bit better than Stormzy. 

  5. 9 hours ago, blutarsky said:

    Easy as anything to do it - we have an iZettle device (bought for £30) which we use to collect the fines at rugby. Quick tap of the card and done. 
    However, I'd imagine smarter dealers would be concerned about the paper trail that would be establishing. I definitely wouldn't want to create an electronic link between myself and a dealer.

    That’s fortunate no one I know did that then at Arcardia 😅

  6. 1 hour ago, stuie said:

    I said the same and my friends said I was being dramatic but I feel strongly against this level of control of both punters and traders. 

    I guess they might not have cash machines as there’s no genuine need for cash in their new city. Apart from for the dealers! 

    The dealers have card readers too. 

    Edit: Apparently 

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  7. 4 hours ago, crazyfool1 said:

    its always been known this will be the worst phase out of xmas .... im optomistic that things will be better ... keep the faith ... some tours will go ... others will replace them .... think of all the great domestic acts that might get a lift up ... 

    Billie, Lekkido & Mik Artistik headliners. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    Chris martin made several guest appearances at the last festival ? but not  the whole band Coldplay they last appeared in 2016 ? so by the time the next festival happens in 2022 thats an 8 year gap ?  2002 , 2005 , 2011 , 2016 ..... which would be the longest time we have gone without a coldplay appearance in the last 20 years 

    6 years, but your point still stands. Coldplay have got to be in the mix considering it’s such an odd year 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    I think they could be booked if there was interest from them to do it. To hear that they felt honoured for Glastonbury to show their movie is probably a positive sign.

    The only slot that would work for them is Other headline. I just think they’d comfortably be one of the biggest dance acts Glastonbury has booked. The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers are big in a different way - but it would be a pretty big venture into the EDM scene by booking the biggest one going.

    Oh I certainly agree that they would be one of the biggest dance acts Glastonbury had ever booked. It was the idea that they’re ‘too big’ - as in a disruptive rather than positive sense - that was the thing I’m not sure about. 


  10. 2 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    I actually think, (and this is probably a provocative thing to say even though it was me that predicted them)… but I think SHM might be a bit too big for Glastonbury. In the sense that they are guaranteed to get one of the biggest crowds of the weekend at any festival they play.

    I’d call them the biggest dance act in the world… by stealth. Not many people will talk about them but they have huge crowd pulling power.

    It’s hard to explain in words. But if they were on a poster a lot of people would probably say “ah cool” and not make much of a song and dance about it. However on the night they would steal a huge amount of attendees from other stages. In the same way that Calvin Harris would be one of the biggest artists of the weekend if Glasto booked him, despite not many people making a song and dance about the announcement. 

    I don’t quite agree with all this - except of course they are undoubtedly very big. But mainly I think if they were available and interested then Glastonbury would book them. And it would be a good party for sure. 

  11. 13 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    Pyramid: Kendrick Lamar, Guns and Roses, Taylor Swift

    Other:Swedish House Mafia, Jorja Smith, Royal Blood

    Legend: Carole King

    Special pyramid slot from Page and Plant.

    Have SHM ever played G? I have searched to no avail but I’m a pretty unenthusiastic googler. Seems a good shout, but why not in 2022 on Other?

  12. 18 minutes ago, Ozanne said:

    I'll probably get torn apart for this but I'd prefer Florence to Macca or Kendrick 😊

    Haha (same apart from I’d got excited to see Macca now, but Kendrick meh) 

  13. Maybe notions of exclusivity etc that exist in usual years will be informally disbanded by all the organisers because of ‘unprecedented’ circumstances (shortage of touring acts) 

  14. 2 minutes ago, K2SO said:

    I think we're going to start either having to think about old friends (Coldplay, Muse, etc) or acts that you'd expect to headline Other/JP/sub... Maybe they give someone a big bump such as Wolf Alice or Royal Blood?

    Yeah. This feels more realistic to me rather than these wishlists of US megastars. 

    Was quite taken by the Billie / Macca / GnR arguments tho. 

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