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  1. They’ve massively fucked up. It’s insanely busy everywhere all the time. We also got stuck in the Park-Arcadia shambles… horrible stuff. And it was definitely made worse when the idiot security put in a half-arsed one way round the tree, which you didn’t know about until you’d been dragged by the crush to the point they said “no way thru, turn round”. 

  2. 4 hours ago, blutarsky said:

    Someone mentioned elsewhere it could be everyone with a camper pass too. 

    Does everyone else who’s had the despatch email have a camper pass? 


  3. 1 hour ago, paulshane said:

    They are area specific, you won't get into The Park with a West Holts crew band for example.


    However, the other crew bars can be a 'try it and see' - I asked to go into the Tow and Hitch using my West Holts crew band and they were cool with it.


    Maceos said no 🙂



    I got into Maceo’s with an Avalon/Glade band. But nothing much going on there at the time. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, stuie said:

    Well that’s a lot of pink single use plastic 😂

    Far from single use. Never has a bit of plastic been used so much 🦩

  5. 4 minutes ago, Neil said:

    they're just bastards, and probably think they're a fantastic lovely person.

    Do you know/trust the person reporting Stu’s posts? Can’t you just dismiss their reports if you don’t think they’re genuine?

  6. Just now, stuartbert two hats said:

    Is that the rule then - no more links to sites that sell stuff?  If that's the rule, then fine.  Just need to know.  That would cover quite a lot of posts over the last few years, but ok.

    Delete all threads with seetickets links for a kick off 

  7. 15 minutes ago, theciderviking said:


    If all of the tension over the past couple of days has shown one thing…it’s just how desperately we all NEED to be in those hallowed fields, cider in hand. 🤩

    I think 2 years of pent up frustrations have combined with the ridiculous excitement we’re all feeling, then throw in the individual challenges different people are facing and fighting to overcome which none of us will ever really understand because different things affect different people so very differently,  and it really doesn’t take much for things to boil over. 

    Life’s too bloody short, and everybody needs a bit of Glasto magic right about now. So here, have a virtual cup of Burrow Hill for now, and I’ll see you at the legendary Cider Bus for a pint of the real thing in just a few short weeks! 🍻 And yes, I am buying. 😉 



  8. 11 minutes ago, Deaf Nobby Burton said:

    I know it sounds mad but if I had a gun to my head and had to choose of take Wed/Thur over Fri-Sun. Band/Music wise my best moments are never what I expect them to be, so I wouldn’t really know what I was missing anyway, plus I end up missing so much stuff I want to see as it is. Plus Wed/Thur you’re completely fresh as well.

    Obviously in reality I probably wouldn’t, but it kind of feels liked I’d want to.

    I’d take weds-thurs-Fri over sat-sun for sure. 

  9. 1 minute ago, VastComparison said:

    If you decide this is not suitable I have a friend who will purchase for what you paid as they missed out on camper van tickets 

    Be careful buying cv tickets. They’re meant to match your General entry tickets. They don’t always check but if they do then you’re in the shite 

  10. My current bag is from Lidl called Ozark Trail - absolutely brilliant! Kind of like this but green. Comfy, strong, great value, has lasted for years.

    I have had one of the cheap Decathlon bags and can highly recommend, I normally have a bit too much stuff for it tho. 


  11. 3 hours ago, jimmillen said:

    I agree with your general point, but as a tangent I witnessed one of the exceptions in 2013… a girl got her friends to stand in a circle around her, squatted down & had a wee in the middle of the crowd at the Sonic tent while Rudimental were on. Only realised what she’d done after I saw the puddle, gross. 🤢 

    A girl did a dump surrounded by a ring of her friends watching Ben Howard at Other Stage. Absolutely savage. 

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