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  1. Because it couldn’t be Chemical Brothers again and I had a mind blank over other big dance acts 😂 so just went with the best of all
  2. @Brave Sir Robinno I did not know that... I’ll investigate
  3. I dunno how many hundreds of times I’ve opened this thread and seen this. Has me in tears every time
  4. Someone young and hip perhaps, like 1975? or some mega dance act? Faithless? Fuck knows, just wasting pixels thinking out loud... 🥳
  5. I didn’t realise this is possible!? It’s possible to buy more than one cv ticket against a single registration? 😮
  6. Never known them to be rigorous but you never know when they might start
  7. Taylor Swift duet on Blackbird would be fucking epic. Swifty inspired by Beatle - links to Country Music Channel
  8. No, they mean Neil Young, his nickname is Shakey (that’s what his biography is called). I’m not sure we’re expecting - or indeed hoping - Macca to break into “this ol’ house” on Saturday at Glasto...
  9. Elton also played Eden sessions, which is only 6k capacity and ~£70 tix and no way they could have got Macca on those numbers
  10. I think we’re going to need to do a FOI request for all of Macca’s emails going back at least 2 years so we can resolve at least 300 unresolved Efests conundrums such as this.
  11. Has to be it!! Is McCartney bigger than Foals?
  12. Haha yeah it was proper rammo! And it was an actual oven! We were t’other side opposite slide stood up on some of the wooden set. I don’t think he suits JP, I dunno why particularly so don’t ask! I think if they had to stick his main gig on a bigger stage than Avalon then mid afternoon Park would be my choice.
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