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  1. Hi, Does anyone have an east Campervan ticket for sale or would like to swap for a Bath & West Showground ticket (£200 large pitch) I also have a suggestion to share my caravan if you don’t have one yet. Caravans & motorhomes Etc are very expensive to hire for Glastonbury and my idea was to only use mine as a base and for showering and cooking etc and more importantly keeping the beers cold and we all pitch up tents around it. I also have a huge traders gazebo and will be taking my large bbq for outdoor cooking. I’m a good host and happy to be king bbq chef but it’s every man and women to themselves Friday onwards ? I’m planning on traveling down from HORSHAM, WEST SUSSEX on the Monday night and will aim to be one of the first in which ive managed to achieve for the last 6 years I’ve been going with my caravan and I usually get us as near as gate C as possible in Field 21. We could meet up before hand and you can travel in with me or I can go first and you meet us later? I will obviously need the ticket before hand backed up with a letter from the ticket holder. Don’t worry I’ve done this before when I’ve had to buy someone’s Campervan ticket and there fine plus the last thing there going to want me to do is try and back my caravan up when there’s a sea of them in front of me and behind me! I’m 100% confident it will be fine and the worse that could happen is that I have to park up and wait for you to arrive but that won’t happen. We could also arrange to take all you bulky bits as I’ll be towing with my van so there’s plenty of room which also means you’ll be travelling light but you might have to get a 20 quid parking ticket and come and find us or park off site and walk in? Trust me a Nice steady stroll with just your wallet or purse and bottle of beer into Glastonbury is unheard of!!!! This way it’s costing you nothing as I will buy the ticket off you and you get to use my caravan facilities for free plus meet new friends which is always a bonus!! ? I also have a Bath & West show ground ticket for a large pitch which cost 200 and you get a free 24hr shuttle service into the festival that I would swap at no extra cost. I’ve heard the Bath and West Showground ground is really good and the shuttle service they run is very convenient for those who don’t like or can’t walk long distances especially up the hill of death if your staying in the East CV it’s also a large pitch so if your towing a caravan there will be plenty of room to move around and you won’t even need to unhitch ready for a quick get away!! or I can just buy your east ticket if your circumstances have changed? My group consists of me who’s 42 my friend Ruth who’s 46 and her two daughters which one of them is playing at Glastonbury on the Friday hence why we need to be on site because of the equipment we have. Everyone is laid back and chilled and we’re all Glastonbury veterans which is handy if your new to the festival? I think this is a great idea and I look forward to all your responses. Kindest Regards, Hichan
  2. I’m also after a East CV ticket and can also swap for a Bath & West large Showground ticket. Face value £204 with free shuttle service. Will swap with no extra cost. Cheers H
  3. Yes I know and like I said I’ve dine this a few times now and it’s always been fine. Thank you for your concern ? see tickets customer services will also change detail if your that worried about it. This has also been looked into. Ive made checks on this as I’ve been in this situation before.
  4. Hi, Sorry I meant Bath & West Showground. I’ll get that amended straight away. Ive been 7 times now and have always stayed in the East Field. They send you the campervan field ticket in the post with your festival tickets. The Campervan tickets are not like the festival tickets and get exchanged for a pass into the fields at the entrance point. I’ve missed out on the East Field site before and have always managed to buy one on hear and have always got in the field without any issues. If I can’t swap it or sell it to someone who needs it I will of course get a refund. Cheers H
  5. Hi, I have a West campervan (large 8m plus) ticket for sale or swap. The wife was in charge and bought it when the east site got sold out, not realising it’s entriely impractical for us! Looking to ideally swap for an east site ticket (quiet or regular). happy for straight swap even though the large west site ticket is more expensive. Would also be open to just selling it if a swap doesn’t seem likely.
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