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  1. stuck in the road works section of the M4 on my way home from work I REALLY WANT A TICKET PLEASE
  2. not sure about East and West but from Bath and West i am pretty sure that would be no issue as there was plenty of space.
  3. I listened to a glastocast yesterday in the car (on my own) and realised quite how much i want tickets so i started shouting "i really want a ticket for next year" - shouted it about 3 times at the top of my voice.
  4. That is actually a really tough excersize, but good fun - my line up is a clash nightmare for me, but hopefully a good mix and i have tried to group the pyramid line up by day to minimise having to move to other stages. I really struggled with West Holts as i am not really sure what the vibe is on that stage as other than stumbling across Lizzo last year (who is promoted to the Pyramid as a result) i have never watched anyone there.
  5. Went to see Novana recently at a local venue and really enjoyed it. I never got to see Nirvana tour live so it was cool to go and see some of the songs done live and done very well. Ditto the bootleg Beatles are actually a band that i have planned to see but never made it to on various occasions. At Glasto it would be unlikely that i would go and see a tribute act, but i think that they do have a place, particularly on the Weds and Thursday nights where i think that they could be used to spread demand around the various stages and locations. I dont think that they should feature except on the micro stages from Fri - Sun.
  6. Just reading through the replies, i never really thought i liked Supergrass but actually when you see some of their tunes written down like on this thread, it feels like i like more their stuff than i tought i did. Should be decent.
  7. i like that idea - how easy was it for you to get that through HR / Accounts?
  8. Isle of wight has a helter skelter that looks very much like the ribbon tower, Victorious Festival has a sign made up of big letters on a hill, whilst glastonbury is unique in so many ways, most of the best or most recognisable elements have been ripped off by other festivals around the world. Just grab a few generic festival pictures to make up some of the other backgrounds and away you go. Essentially what i am saying is, stop moping around and finish the Glastonbury game cos i wanna play it. 😜
  9. back to the original topic, i would also encourage Morph to go down the PES / GTA route and create a festival based game with obscure references to Glastonbury. If FIFA and the Premier League cant stop Rockstar then i doubt the Eavis would be able to stop you. You could also bring in the best and worst of other festivals too (or you may want to use them as a base for a sequel?). I for one would love to see it.
  10. I have had a bit of a nightmare, as i have managed to book a work trip that gets me back into London Heathrow at 15.30 on the Friday - lets say it takes me 3.5/4.5 (including security etc) hours to get down to Pilton, i am gonna arrive at 7/8ish. I assume that we would still be there for most of the acts - and importantly for Wolf Alice, as this is who the Mrs wants to see. Also if anyone has any tips on telling the other half that i have fucked up yet another event due to a work trip without it turning into WW3 that would be great too.
  11. Liam has always been the producer, so the fact that he is putting new tunes together is no surprise and is really great news for him personally. In terms of the live show, yes Keith didn't "do" much on a technical level but equally, on a lot of levels he was the show. Although, equally, their stage set up was always very darkly lit so you could never see a huge amount of either Keith or Liam - but their presence was a huge part of it. God it makes me sad just typing this. Have seen them a few times and can't work out how i would feel going to see them without Keith, if they tour and i think that is a big if, then i think i would probably go, although i feel there would definitly be tears on hearing firestarter "live" without Keith.
  12. Your right, i had "forgotten" about the morning delays and Gomez, i say forgotten because i had the luxury of staying on a boat overnight and because of the hideous weather we stayed there in the dry till about 5pm before heading onto site for a relatively dry evening. that was some proper rain that morning.
  13. Victorious last year closed the Seaside stage on the Sunday, again due to high winds. It is the only one of the stages that is fully exposed to the coastline, all the others have some sort of protection, unlike Boardmasters where it looks like the whole arena is exposed.
  14. Agree with all except for TT. TT that align more with Kylie for me, particularly using @Quark 's earlier post as a reason for why, in that they have been banging out new tunes over a much longer time frame that the Spice Girls and have both the cheesy pop nostalgia early days and a few real anthemic, stadium filler tunes. They write their own material as well, which sets them apart from the others on the list. If the Spice Girls or any of those others you mentioned were there, i would be elsewhere on site. If it was TT - i would be all over it.
  15. SouthbanKen

    Campervan 2020

    No electrical hook ups available on any campsites as far as i am aware and no generators allowed either.
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