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  1. SouthbanKen

    Billie Eilish

    Happy clappy and shallow? His breakthrough track was about a woman's descent into crack addiction, written after he had met someone at a homeless shelter. I'll admit that his biggest hits are often safe and poppy, but he has written some (IMO) great, but clearly very meaningful songs - supermarket flowers about the death of his grandmother is (again IMO) genuinely heartbreaking. Having said all that, i cn see how his style may not be right for a Bond Theme, but happy clappy and shallow it ain't.
  2. I once worked in a hotel, was on reception at the time and when a lady presented herself at the desk asking to speak to the manager, i asked for her name. She was Lady Hotel Owners Name, wife of Sir Hotel Owner and was quite miffed i didn't know her. Thing is, if its just a job, then you have no reason to know who these people are.
  3. I don't have an advent calendar this year, but given that i am 38, this is not a bad thing. FD's Glasto Advent Calendar gives me a warm glow each morning. Cheers geezer. Keep 'em coming.
  4. So that's a maybe then ? Cheers will deffo put it on my watch list. IOW and Latitude are the other options at the moment, different vibe to Boomtown and more daytime led which i don't mind, both have the Chems who i missed last year on the Other as we went to see Kosheen live (along with about 30 others in total) which was great, we just caught the end of the Chems set from the railway track and it looked immense. May do more than one, we will see. Cheers for the rec.
  5. I thought it might be the case that Block 9 wouldn't go for his style / fee. I still think JP is too small, The Streets last year packed it out and my view is that Prydz would draw a bigger crowd than them. Its always hard to judge with these things though so perhaps you are right.
  6. I am in the resale club this year so have boomtown as a potential alternate option. Whats your general view on it - worth it? Stage sets look amazing!
  7. Prydz would ram out the JP too much though surely? Would love to see him on Icon
  8. Sorry - couldn't immediately see it. I should have known the forum was on top of it all! As the line ups start to come out, i have been looking at a few alternatives to Glasto in case the worst happens on resale day. We missed the Chems last year so i'm pretty happy that they are doing both latitude and IOW as both are on my alternate list and i haven't seen the Chems in ages. But, whenever i talk about it to my GF about any of them, her first line of thought is always, OK, but we are going to try in the resale for Glasto right - we can't book anything else as we need to give our all to get to Glasto. Now for most of the peeps on this forum, her response is absolutely correct and of course it is, there is no real alternative to Glasto (i just know that there are also no guarantees in life, so if we don't get tickets, we will want to have the best back up plan possible). What blows my mind and makes me so happy is that this response comes from my GF. Given that last year was her first year, i love how much she fell in love with the festival. We even went down to the Pilton Party last year and she loved being back on site, looking down across the fields and trying to work out where each tent or field is, we go down to Devon a lot and every time we pass the Glastonbury junction on the M5 she is looking out of the window trying to spot the Tor, she has been to many fests over the years, Reading, IOW, Global Gathering, Standon Calling, Victorious, all sorts, but now having been to Glasto for the first time she completely gets it and recognises its uniqueness, we've talked about it a few times and she puts it down to the people creating the the vibe, which we agree comes right from the top down (so thankyou Michael and Emily). Not sure why i have gone off on this ramble, apologies, i just have everything crossed that resale day comes good. Best of luck all. Peace out.
  9. Not sure if we have a competitions thread yet, but i noticed a tweet today from Mallets - they will be running a Glasto ticket comp again this year. Keep your eyes peeled.
  10. If this were announced, i have no doubt that i would be thousands of pounds poorer as i would be buying a ridiculously priced hospitality package in order to be there. As it is i am sat here waiting for resale day in the vain hope of bagging a regular ticket to G50.
  11. 1999 was my first, spent a lot of time at our campground from where we could see the main stage. Having done a few Reading's before this, we didn't explore as much as we should have, the revelation of being able to sit and smoke at your tent whilst watching the mainstage was too tempting. Was with a group of school mates, most of whom i am still great mates with and the best thing for us was sitting around a campfire, smoking drinking and just being together. Good times. My favourite act would have been Ash on the main stage when i did manage to peel myself away from the smokes to go and watch them.
  12. I can't help with the technical stuff, but i can say that B&W really isn't that bad at all. A really regular coach service that takes 15 minutes tops. Onsite loos and even showers, although the queue can be a bit long. The food onsite was limited but all in all, don't stress B&W works really well and everyone i met there was really freindly. You will have a blast regardless.
  13. Cheers, will check with the others in my group and add our names if they agree.
  14. Congrats - have a great time, not just on the farm, but on here in the build up too!
  15. No luck here either. Roll on April. question, in terms of the resale list on page 17, as I already have a group of 4 is there any point adding our names to the list. Happy to help others once \ if we secure tickets?
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