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  1. Bluetarsky: Push, push, push Mrs Bluetarsky: I am bloody pushing. Bluetarsky: So am I, F5, F5, F5, F5 Bluetarsky: I can see it, i can see it? Mrs Bluetarsky: What, what can you see, the baby? the babys head? Bluetarsky: No, the confirmation page!!!
  2. SouthbanKen

    BBC Glastonbury

    The thing with the smoke was that you never realised quite how much everything smelled until you got back to civilisation and realised that the smell was on everything you owned. Loved it.
  3. As long as i don't see a post from said holiday with the phrase #couplegoals then we can all agree to move on and not mention this unsavoury incident again.
  4. I respect you as a solid regular poster on this forum, so i mean no offense when i say this, but, ... "honeymooniversary" That type of nonsense can get right in the bin. Your going on a holiday mate, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Shit i wanna give myself a down vote after writing that. Lets just all agree that the virus will do one over Christmas and all those who want tickets get one and then the weather gods deliver for June 2021.
  6. A temp check at the gate only mitigates the virus spreading inside the festival from that person. The chances are, that person will have been in contact with some, possibly many other fesival goers before they get to the temp check point. Eg. they came on a coach or a Glasto packed train and then stood in the various queues with hundreds of others, none of whom have a temperature (yet) and so are let in. Not trying to put a downer on it, but festivals arent just about the time on site, they are very small "mass migration" events and so their impact can be much more widespread.
  7. Wanted to "like" this post but couldnt see the icon - here is a like.
  8. I agree that the distance and where you want to stand need to be taken into consideration, but the other thing that i always think about this is, whose finale / hits do you really want to see. Most acts save up a few of the big hits for the finish so if the timing allows then make sure you finish on your favourite.
  9. If only there was a website that had a list, maybe even in date order of all the festivals. If it was held electronically, it could be called ..... 😋
  10. SouthbanKen

    The poster 2020

    Have to disagree. He is deffo Pyramid sized, he headlined IOW last year, he pulled over 200,000 to his Brighton Beach event years ago, he's playing a Russian stadium this year. He is IMO as big as the Chems or Prodigy who would both headline the Other. He gets dismissed by Glasto regulars because he chooses to play the festival as often as he can for very low fees for the love of it, but he is a massive headline act.
  11. SouthbanKen


    Saw them a couple of years ago at the Isle of Wight, was never really that into them when they were big big (i suppose it was around 2000ish?), but have to say they pulled a blinder of a set out, really really enjoyed watching them, hit after hit and very tight (as you would expect after this long). So my advice is, if you are thinking about it but unsure, then they are definitely worthwhile watching.
  12. No way should Rabies be a headliner, they are well past. Other Headliner or Pyramid Sub at best.
  13. Reminds me of one of my good friends weddings. Woke up in the hotel in the morning, the Mrs was hungover so was skipping breakfast in lieu of a lie in. As i wandered from the room to the breakfast place i found half of a joint that had been left unfinished from the night before. blazed that on the way over, got to the buffet and absolutely destroyed it, cereal then pastries then toast and jam then a full english plus seconds on the good stuff. Went back to collect the Mrs and check out. On the drive home she is ready to eat something so we stop at McD's where i proceed to polish off my third / fourth breakfast in two hours with a double egg mcmuffin meal. It was monstrous.
  14. SouthbanKen

    Billie Eilish

    Happy clappy and shallow? His breakthrough track was about a woman's descent into crack addiction, written after he had met someone at a homeless shelter. I'll admit that his biggest hits are often safe and poppy, but he has written some (IMO) great, but clearly very meaningful songs - supermarket flowers about the death of his grandmother is (again IMO) genuinely heartbreaking. Having said all that, i cn see how his style may not be right for a Bond Theme, but happy clappy and shallow it ain't.
  15. I once worked in a hotel, was on reception at the time and when a lady presented herself at the desk asking to speak to the manager, i asked for her name. She was Lady Hotel Owners Name, wife of Sir Hotel Owner and was quite miffed i didn't know her. Thing is, if its just a job, then you have no reason to know who these people are.
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