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  1. First let me say this is a great thread, and well done to all the contributers so far. I personally have never had MH issues but this post on MDMA resonates with me a lot. Many moons ago when i was at the end of school and going to Uni, my friends and i all did MDMA regularly for a couple of years. What i believe this helped create was a group of friends who, for a group of young men, had communicated on a very deep and personal level, shared all of their hopes and fears with each other and were very comfortable giving each other a big hug when it was needed. We are all 36/37 now, we barely do any drugs at all now, but we are all still extremely close and i believe that this stability and foundation has helped us all through the tough times in our lives and i have no doubt that our shared experiences on MDMA helped forge this special bond. Much love to you all, have a great festival, look after yourselves and look after each other. PEACE!
  2. The other pro remain parties were all also up, including Green +2.8%, LDEM +2.4% and Renew 3.7% so PLaid were not on their own waving the remain banner.
  3. Yeah you really do! Only joking great work 👍
  4. Thank you, i was "sure" that i had paid in full, just one of those nervous double, triple check panic moments.
  5. On a similar note, we have paid our ticket balances (yay) and i have used your link to check that i definitly did book a campervan (which did - exxtra yay) but now i am stupidly panicking that there is a balance to pay on that - can someone reassure me that i paid it the campervan all upfront and there is no balance to pay.
  6. To be fair though, 4% is a huge swing in such a tight discussion. Imagine if 4% had voted the other way in the original referendum for example...
  7. Is it possible to get back to the mainland from the site after the headliner has finished - what time is the last ferry / hover?
  8. SouthbanKen

    The Streets

    I reckon i was at the same gig as you, sound was awful. I was stood on the edge to the right hand side as you look to the stage so i thought that it may have been where i was stood but we could hardly make out a word it was so bad. I have seen a video of them from that night (i think), it was filed from the centre where the sound seemed fine - where were stood? Because of this i really want to see them at G, but am worried that if it is a tent then it will be absolutely crushed busy as i have a feeling they are on a lot of must see lists.
  9. did i see somewhere on this thread that Altern8 had confirmed? Listened to his Boiler Room set yesterday and that was quality.
  10. Went a few, the Halloween Weekender, the wild west weekender and the one where the Tidy Boys did a live set - still my favourite CD that one. Used to love the Weekenders. Been to one of the Reunion events down in Bournemouth which was pretty good fun although i struggle to dance as much as i used to. Tidy were deffo one of the best / friendliest crowds i can remember, much nicer than a lot of the London Hard House scene, loved a weekender. Still enjoy some hard house / trance, this will be my first glasto in 20 years, is there anywhere that leans more to that kind of vibe than other places?
  11. To those genuine Oxfam volunteers, what does a volunteer Glasto look like shift wise and what is it that you actually end up doing? Is there a list of all the different volunteer jobs somewhere? Bagged a ticket for the first time in ages this year but fully expecting to re-catch the bug and i am already looking at all potential options for 2020.
  12. Cheers for the replies. Just been looking through some photos / line ups of the areas you have mentioned and that has got the juices flowing. Any idea when the line ups for the dance areas start coming through?
  13. Been to the festival twice but both were way back when at the turn of the millennium, finally persuaded my Mrs that the experience of G is worth the hardships of camping and managed to secure a couple of tickets. Clearly a lot has changed in the 20 years since i last went, and i was wondering about Arcadia, the SE Corner, Block 9 ect, so a few questions you guys could maybe help with: Are Arcadia and Block 9 both in the SE Corner, are they essentially the same thing, what are the differences between them? Are these areas open all day as well as late nights? We are both into our dance music so where are the best places to head for a bit of a rave? What time do you need to head over to avoid the queues (heard a lot about queues getting in there after the headliners?) Cheers for any help
  14. First up, i would deffo talk to my cousin and check with them if they mind you missing, its not your Mum's wedding or decision, it's your cousins. If you are close to them then they will know how important Glasto is and not mind you going, if you are not close to them then they probably wont care anyway. If they dont mind then remember to send them a really nice letter to be read as part of the speeches and a nice gift too. If you are close to your cousin and they really want you there then as someone above mentioned, Worcester is close enough that if you get up early on Sat morning then you could get there for the wedding ceremony, i would stay for the ceremony and the photos as that is the important bit and the eff off back to the festival before the wedding breakfast (saving your cousin the price of feeding you. I would also be asking my Mum or other family to provide a pick up from Glasto to get you back there asap. Good luck
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