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  1. definitely going to have a look at this!
  2. Got Brighton Marathon in April, and a couple of half's leading up to it, one at the Olympic Park next week and one as yet unbooked along the canals from Uxbridge > Watford. Definitely liking the sound of the TAB stuff but likely will wait til after Glasto to sign up to any more big ones. Also now obsessing about Marathon Des Sables but I might die if I try that
  3. hopefully thatll get it sorted and hope hes not too rough on the shoulders!
  4. Fair play to you man it looks incredibly tough! Its definitely on my bucket list but I reckon I'm going to have to wait a year or two before attempting!
  5. out of upvotes just from this thread today but well done mate keep it up! mad to look back on the progress isn't it
  6. im loving the Monday morning updates! gonna be a bunch of Spartan warriors heading off in June!
  7. As for this weekend I had a surprise 30th to attend for a good mate, had every intention of not drinking and no naughties. That obviously never happened, was wiped out Saturday all day, but managed to pick myself up for a struggler 21km on Sunday - just looked at next weeks long run and its 17 miles... (just over 27k!) definitely need a mega healthy fuelling week to prepare!
  8. Yeah was about to suggest this as well, go straight out no food and you'll burn off more stored fats
  9. don't do it if you're not a morning person, or you'll just set yourself up for defeat! I've tried this but it wasn't really working for me, then you feel like you've flopped on a goal, but essentially im just crap at waking up early.
  10. wait whats all this about the Sahara? I was listening to someone chatting about Marathon Des Sables and I think its now on my bucket list
  11. ill be wearing my commemorative scarf
  12. 8 miles easy tonight according to the plan... might go for a bit of an explore so its less boring
  13. weird to see Brockie & Det on the same lineup as East17.. the 90's was a strange place
  14. excellent news, I think if they only did Coachella they would be branded as w*nkers forever (by me at least)
  15. think it was ally pally, weak setlist, no old stuff, was getting aggy with the crowd - I wasn't there but had about 6 mates go in 2 separate groups and they all said it was whack, in fact one of them wouldn't shut up moaning about it for days after lol edit: these are actual fans of him though who have probably seen him 10+ times over the last 10 years)
  16. Skepta would probably get a decent slot but I had a few mates go to his last show which they said was terrible - would much rather see JME tbh
  17. oof yeah sounds like you need a couple days there! I'm burnt out this week so doing the same, back out Weds eve I reckon
  18. get one in mate! theres on at the Olympic park on the 16th which im doing - spenny though https://www.runthrough.co.uk/event/queen-elizabeth-olympic-park-half-marathon-2020/
  19. grilladelphia

    Tom Jones

    who runs Glastopia on twitter? seen't a tweet earlier
  20. im really hoping they pull an announcement out of the bag that no one was expecting, just ignore PSB/Aerosmith until poster drops
  21. yeah same here, listened to Swimming Lessons a tonne when it first came out, but not seen any of the tracks performed live as yet, would love to see them on a slightly bigger stage early afternoon slot
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