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  1. that's made me feel a bit sick! 8 hours!?
  2. just so intrigued - I've been running in the vaporflys and its so different its like running on clouds, really want to give them a go but the price is a bit ridiculous so I might sack it off and get more vaporflys for race day (although also a ridiculous price..), also didn't realise how little decent reactive miles you get out of them, ive done about 330km in them and theyre already pretty beat
  3. don't worry it will all work out - you will be pissing into a bottle on the farm come june!
  4. sometimes I carry on for a few days after I get home, keeps the magic alive a bit longer
  5. I think with the weather too far out to predict we all just need something to worry about in the meantime
  6. I quite like the look of this one and how needlessly technical it looks for something you piss into in the middle of the night
  7. yeah that's a pretty solid plan, I've seen a few pairs of the Nike Pegasus 36 Goretex winter models going into the sale now, im waiting on the Nike Alphafly's to release on Saturday but I think retail is about the price of a glasto ticket so im going to have an anxiety attack whilst ordering them
  8. have a look through some training plans, runners world have quite a few - and just slowly build up the mileage, as well as leaving enough time to taper off - youll be fine and youll love it!
  9. more fear via BBC today I see! "Coronavirus: Rapid spread raises fears of global pandemic" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-51611422
  10. first proper flop of the training plan this weekend! made it out for a fast 8k Saturday morning, straight into rum tasting then a friends 30th bday party, culminating in watching the boxing at about 4am - needless to say I was not running yesterday! going to have to make up for it this eve at least a 10 miler, how did everyone else get on?
  11. Asked by Radio X's Gordon Smart if they'll be making an appearance at Worthy Farm, frontman Simon Neil smiled: "That would be telling!" He added: "We'll be doing a couple of shows this summer. We're not sure exactly what yet, Gordon. It's kinda early days, but we're just getting our summer lined up. "We're going to be touring later in the year for certain and we're just getting a few bits and bobs for the summer, so we can't say too much". saw this earlier - stock response but maybe! I would probably go tbh depending on clash
  12. Cheers Quark! I think I'd be disappointed if it wasn't a mental stormy one for every long run now
  13. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/whitney-houston-is-going-on-tour-but-are-hologram-tours-ethical/ar-BB10aaEz?ocid=ientp Hologram Whitney?
  14. decent shout this tbf flapjacks and such for me - and breakfast white Russians!
  15. I think its a point of contention if you scroll back through last years chatter on this thread
  16. Lewis Capaldi bringing up a bottle of Bucky to collect his award won the night tbf
  17. I'm not really buzzing for the main poster - but certainly some of the smaller ones. I don't know my dua lipas from my foals so main drop doesn't really cut it for me usually..
  18. same as this - one of the main aims this year
  19. yeah only been using them on my long runs but ill definitely give my half marathon race at the weekend a go without gels and see how I get on
  20. agree'd had to stick to paths myself and some of those were even under water! good to hear on the rehab!
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