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  1. also had a couple of actually pretty enjoyable training runs this weekend - the weather gods are smiling on us already! legs struggling a bit today but that's week 10 done, 6 left until race day!
  2. we're still far enough away to get a decent head start on the fitness good luck on the treadmill!
  3. im sure someone can correct me if wrong but doesn't each glasto pull about £70M into the economy?
  4. there tended to be a few generic breakfast places about but nothing great I found, and the most stale bread rolls ive ever tasted! (actual breakfast fillings not bad - 5/10)
  5. I had completely forgotten about the volume of ice cream I consumed! one of our group would wander off then come back with a handful of them, must have had 3 a day
  6. the wire takes a bit of getting into but is so good as it goes on everyone that hasn't seen Sopranos... theres an old Italian saying, you fuck up once, you lose two teeth
  7. brighton marathon still going ahead as planned on april 19th according to todays email update - even offering people places in it from cancelled marathon in rome and rescheduled one in paris
  8. the weather thread / state of the ground has a lotttt of catching up to do..
  9. more cases announced in London today then - will see how many mask wearers on the tube later
  10. its not music related but I cant get the phrase Toyota Corollavirus out of my head
  11. looks like I could end up working from home for a bit.... im starting to come around to the idea of this coronavirus you speak of
  12. club Mexicana for vegan bits is amazing, didn't try last year but theyre in a pub in east called the spread eagle and ill always pop in if im in the area - will have to seek them out at G if theyre confirmed now
  13. I've got a few mates in a group ive got to help sort out but theyre going for main sale only so more than happy to assist with the coach sale if anyone needs
  14. Are you going to give up your ticket to someone who gets there on the Monday in the campervan so they can wait nearby so they get in first? Cos after all you obviously aren't worthy if you are not getting there until Tuesday (repeat ad infinitum)
  15. decent work mate! have you tried park run before? once you're up to doing 5k its good fun on a sat morning to get you going and im sure theres lots about near you
  16. I feel like everyone in this thread needs to do some sort of Efests olypmics on the Wednesday - maybe some arm wrestling and 100m dash etc, with pints awarded obviously
  17. 6 stone! that's fking decent work there pal! youre gonna be in good stead for 5 days of madness in june!
  18. I've got one about 6 miles from me @Charm oh no!! hope its not corona and you have a speedy recovery!
  19. that's what I thought, I think I just kept reading it as cockney rhyming slang - I don't even remember typing the response.. maybe I need to head to the drunkards thread..
  20. I was planning on touching Peter Andre later
  21. I mean, I wont go as far as downvoting but...
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