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  1. yeah in a way, I also think its defiant to release it anyway! still holding out hope for - 7pm x
  2. "Ahead of the meeting one attendee, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, called for the cancellation of mass gatherings of 500 people or more." boooooo hissssss
  3. I think we're ready, this forum is collapsing in on itself - Eavii's - we need this today ples.
  4. hanging on here til 9am then back to corona.
  5. somehow I feel that it being officially classed as a global pandemic is not going to do anything to help... but im still optimistic all will go ahead as planned and we can look back on this thread and laugh in years to come.
  6. just had to google the definition.. "A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people”. ... However, seasonal epidemics are not considered pandemics. A true influenza pandemic occurs when almost simultaneous transmission takes place worldwide."
  7. whatever day it drops I feel like its going to be 7pm now as a nod to efests
  8. wasn't Emily on here at one point, can someone tag her in this ples
  9. couple of mates off to bali today for 3 weeks they didn't seem too worried
  10. really enjoyed this mate - very suspenseful editing as well!
  11. if you download mixcloud theres loads of good dnb mixes on there - try ravearchive they have some really good stuff - also critical music if you like the techier stuff
  12. 177 pages later and im still not sure if we should be worried as the title of the thread suggests..
  13. excellent mate looking forward to listening! rest day today but will bang it on for tmro's training run
  14. "It’s August 2020. Most people in the world have contracted COVID-19. This time last summer you were cracking open some cans in the park while J Hus played on the portable speakers, but now, no one is permitted in the park. The one time you did go to the park, a stranger with a mask tried to rob you of your shoes. Now you must stay inside the house, curtains closed, wearing a protective full body suit. The Tesco Metro down the road was looted months ago, so dinner tonight is half a tin of chickpeas, with the other half for tomorrow. Later, you must slaughter a pigeon. That is just how things a
  15. gwan lad - decent work and also echo @gigpusher's sentiments about not letting a bad day turn into a bad week etc, although with me its more about staying off the naughties rather than food
  16. all of the current secured ticket holders feel the same (myself included)
  17. heard over the weekend from an industry mate that chase and status will be there on the arcadia crane
  18. would certainly brighten up my Monday if it were today!
  19. some nice numbers from the Glastonbury website: A 2007 survey revealed that Glastonbury Festival impacts on the worldwide economy to the tune of more than £73million. The figure was one of dozens featured in a report by Mendip District Council on the economic impact of the Somerset event. This was the first study of its kind to be undertaken on the Festival, which was carried out by Bristol-based Baker Associates. Its aim was to fully understand the economic effects of Glastonbury and help to support the planning of future years. John Baker from Baker Associates said:
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