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  1. Was inspired by this thread to pick up running again (after dropping off during last festival season) - grabbed a new pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Utility at the weekend and hit up a slow 5k last night.. (nothing compared to half of you on here!) but set myself a goal to get back to 10k as standard by December. New years plan is to train for the Hackney Half (20th May) and then taper off a little leading up to the festival - keep the inspiration coming guys and girls...
  2. Whats the odds of a few High Focus artists? Dabbla's new album is a banger (although released on Potent Funk)
  3. agreed Tints was a bit of a flop - but VERY excited for this album, although the nxworries stuff he did with knxwledge is (IMHO) the best stuff hes put out
  4. I could definitely be described as a 'chancer' so as long as the rest of the group are up for it, free for all scrum sounds good to me! thanks for the info!
  5. is it bad that I read this as "depending on how speedy/ketted up you are"..... thanks for the info though sounds like a decent spot (note - I will not be on speed or ketamine.)
  6. I thought the same but a few destinations were 1 way only for some strange reason - we got in right at the end of the sale so I think that was the only option left at the time so we went for it
  7. Any idea how much of a trek Back House is from whichever entrance the coaches dump you? Leaving from Reading at 7am Thursday so I'm assuming I wont be on-site until 11am at least taking into account travel time and getting through the gates
  8. Fully back this. Seen them a few times at Boomtown over the last few years and always play a good set (live or DJ)
  9. As far as I've been told, during the madness of the coach release our group agreed to take anything within a reasonable distance of London just to get something in the bag and ended up with one of us scoring tickets for a coach from Reading at 7am Thursday but only 1 way, assuming they haven't got the wrong end of the stick somehow!
  10. Hi all - so I've ended up with a Thursday coach ticket (1 way) for this year (also my first Glasto!) Ive had a browse on National Express Glasto page but can only seem to find return tickets or singles on the way there Does anyone know the best way of getting back to ye old London on the Monday? Coach preferable I just cant work out how to book one just for the return journey, any help much appreciated.
  11. Hi all - was on here back in the day (2006ish) when I first started doing Reading Fest aged 16, few years there and at Download then a few years out of festivals - started again with Boomtown in I believe 2012 and have done the last 6 years there. Finally taking the glasto plunge as I felt the boomtown crowd was a bit young for me now! after failing to get tickets for 2017 and managing to bag a Thursday coach ticket this year I cant wait, gutted ill be missing the Weds but happy I've got a ticket in the bag (even if its from Reading at 7am Thursday....) anyway decided to sign up aga
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