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  1. yeah they mentioned a finishers tee and medal, I guess it would involve sending them a screenshot from strava or something? was going to run it anyway so itll be nice to get something
  2. email from brighton marathon today about arranging some sort of virtual marathon for people who cant make September which sounds promising!
  3. not sure if it was one of you but saw a positive one on twitter yesterday saying glasto would be the phoenix rising from the ashes to be the first event post-covid19, a nice thought anyway!
  4. agree with your points, but if they actually let it go ahead I wouldn't be fussed if all the international acts cancelled and we just rolled chris martin and the boys out to host the pyramid for the day! better than nowt!
  5. everyone needs to chill - either they will or wont roll tickets over, none of us know concentrate on not getting corona for now
  6. if we're able to pay the balance I will be paying for sure, feels like you might at least get a foot in the door for whenever the next one is
  7. I don't think that overall whatever the decision it will have an impact on future ticket sales, personally whatever happens ill continue to try every year for tickets, and feel pretty confident Glastonbury will continue to sell out within half an hour whatever the circumstances are
  8. it does feel that a lot of stuff is being postponed until sept - think its going to be a busy month!
  9. congrats on the wedding mate! sorry to hear of the travel issues, and keep positive that it will peak before june and we can still enjoy our week on the farm!
  10. yeah bit of a nightmare but I think brighton is usually packed with spectators so I guess it makes sense - may see if I can find one last minute that's not cancelled but it depends where we are in 5 weeks time, could be complete lockdown!
  11. marathon is cancelled but training continued as normal this weekend - rescheduled to September but don't fancy training through the summer so may defer until 2021. willing to take the hit and miss the marathon as a sacrifice to the coronagods to allow glasto to go ahead! :)
  12. ah that would be amazing too - also some of the new wave guys like Protoje would be a great addition, not sure how likely though
  13. ah fair - still, considering the lack of reggae on the rest of the first poster ill take that for now and hopefully some nice bits pop up at some smaller venues edit: reminds me of seeing Musical Youth a few years ago at Boomtown, who are no longer youths surprisingly
  14. listened to the second episode on my run last night - thought the box jellyfish was a fucking octopus or giant squid when she first started describing it!
  15. just reading through twitter, wonder if all the people saying 'its not gonna happen' even have tickets...
  16. Anderson paak, black uhuru, the isley brothers, the specials, Kenny, Diana ross looking forward to the next round of acts!
  17. was out on a run when I got the circle lineup sent to me! had to sack it off and head straight home! haps with that - and Black Uhuru what a pleasant surprise! 'guess who's coming to dinner' is going to be shelllllings
  18. our work just sent an updated email - one of the suggestions was - "sleep alone, if that is possible" - yep. been on that for a bit.
  19. we've seen it ive got this on autorefresh boii
  20. he just confirmed its coming at 7pm x
  21. "The Brazilian government’s communications secretary, Fabio Wajngarten, has tested positive for coronavirus. He was part of the entourage of President Jair Bolsonaro during his visit to the US, where he met President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Mr Wajngarten posted a picture of the meeting where he is seen standing next to Mr Trump in Miami on his Instagram page on Saturday. Brazilian media report Mr Bolsonaro is being monitored for symptoms. Meanwhile Mr Trump has said he is not concerned."
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