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  1. looking through the download poster again.. would love to see the skints at G this year!
  2. grilladelphia


    yeah don't blame you! I did the same and went to see Shikari for some nostalgia vibes, they were pretty good as I remember but I was hammered by that point so who knows
  3. grilladelphia


    went up late to see them at Boomtown and it was the most rammo ive ever seen the Lions Den stage, so much so I sacked it off.. slight regret there
  4. clocked up 32km over the weekend! well happy with that, 24km on Saturday with 2 mates at 4:56 per km and 8km easy yesterday - thank the lawd for a rest day today!
  5. yeah 10am start so im hoping some lovely person will be awake early enough on a sunday to drop me up there! should be pretty scenic though, just got to not fall in the canal!
  6. forest of dean looks like a nice one! I've got my eye on this one as well https://www.theraceorganiser.com/race-course-map/grand-union-canal-half-marathon-spring-05-04-2020-10-00 as it finishes a 10min drive from my house
  7. yeah switched my sunday long training run for tomorrow so I can go out with my mate who's also doing brighton marathon - but have agreed to do 10k with another mate sunday... will have to see how the legs are holding up! will actually be my longest run, previously half 21km furthest
  8. fully knackered! gave up on 10km last night, rest tonight, in prep for 24km tomorrow!
  9. might have to cop a ticket for this, although already planning on going to Rodigan's one in this series
  10. I've considered this myself but tbh looking to save as much energy as possible, my phone put my walking distance over the weekend at 120km last year!
  11. start a massive orchestra with everyone on the spreadsheet?
  12. yeah I missed out on London as well so doing Brighton with a couple of mates which is April 19th, may do a half in May as well just to keep the fitness levels up - I've had a look at week 13 of my plan, 50 miles that week!! not looking forward to that yeah take the 10k slow and steady footwork youll be fine!
  13. which marathon are you doing? I've got 9 miles on my plan tonight careful on the trail before G you don't want a rolled ankle! edit: reminds me last year I bailed on helping out at my friends kids birthday party as it was in a lake and I didn't want to get some horrible lake water disease before going - minimise all risk ahaha
  14. Yeah I heard that as well, my only thoughts being they could headline Other as Emily mentioned pyramid sized headliners for it - and I have one industry mate who said that they were told they're booked, which I questioned him on again yesterday and he's pretty convinced its true as its from a good source plus they're literally my favourite band so im holding out hope
  15. im still convinced RATM are already booked...
  16. there's literally 14 seasons of Always Sunny on Netflix, very cathartic to watch - I would start there
  17. those banksy di-face notes seem to be found by people most years judging by art forum posts ive seen - (would be a good find, seen a gallery selling them for about $900 each!)
  18. this might become my new mantra for training sessions
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