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  1. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    George Ezra seems like a bizarre fit for Latitude. I was at a toddler's party recently and one of his songs came on. The kids loved it. Which is great. But I don't see how his music fits with what Latitude has been doing for the last ten years. It's all well and good to ringfence him as a token act to get the kids in, but it's a slippery slope. Just take a look at the V line-ups from the 90s compared to more recent ones.
  2. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    Interpol Johnny Marr Bill Ryder-Jones TVAM Let's eat grandma Damian Jurado Suede Beach House Gaz Coombes Friendly Fires Methyl Ethel Snail Mail Adrianne Lenker Caroline Rose Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Doves Well, 3 or 4 of those would be nice.
  3. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    This year it was mid February.
  4. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    I think Strokes would be a really good fit, if there is such a thing at what is one of the more eclectic festivals. As someone else said, fans of theirs in the early 00s will now be late 30s/early 40s. Plenty of those at Latitude. They have a really good back catalogue too. After the third album most people thought it was over but Angles (2011) was a great album.
  5. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    And Strokes would be ace.
  6. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    For my tastes, 2018 felt like a real return to form after the whole Mumford and 1975 thing. George Ezra would feel like a step back. One of Lana Del Rey or Snow Patrol I could live with, but both would be a bit underwhelming. That said, the beauty of Latitude is that it's so broad, you can have a great day even if you don't love the headliner. Whether that's because there's something good in the BBC tent or you've seen enough good acts earlier in the day. I'm not into Solange and I was disappointed with James, but it was only a small blot on an otherwise brilliant Friday.
  7. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    I swear Massive Attack and Bjork are the most often predicted acts. Never seems to happen sadly. I'm hoping for Interpol.
  8. Beaucoup Fish

    Latitude 2019

    Historically Latitude is one of the last festivals to release the line up and tickets but this year tickets were actually released earlier than normal. Mid February I think it was. Frustratingly for those of us who can only do one day, they didn't release the day splits until much later. Really hoping that doesn't happen again in 2019.