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  1. think they’re playing cornwall already sadly (leopallooza):
  2. alrighty cheers:) was gonna track the percentage to leave it as late as possible, but yeah good shout
  3. where are u guys seeing the percentage?
  4. yeha i guess eddie vedder is around the week before i was having a brainstorm, and jake bugg, patti smith and someone like jade bird might work well for bst i assume whether it sells out or not, they’ll still have a full day of acts?
  5. who do we think will support dylan and young?
  6. these just got announced, already some overlaps but may be more with next announcements (would love johnny marr or ride) same happened last year
  7. think the efestivals website says planB and Franz are both on the main stage (i might be wrong)
  8. think truck is pretty soon, so might be after that (with some overlaps)
  9. no way big enough, probably sub at most/ last year was lily allen, friendly fires and everything everything. this year they have the wombats, then maybe someone like loyle carner (at nass (also global) possibly?
  10. completely agree with this- if you want headliners that are better than this, go to a more expensive festival i think new order is a big pull for this to be honest (headlining alongside kraftwerk etc this summer in the UK, and played ally pally twice recently (as did chemical brothers, yet if it were chem bros, it would seem a big pull)) i agree rudimental have lost their relevance, but across the weekend the lineup is pretty in keeping with previous lineups and there was really nothing to suggest it would have bigger or better headliners than last year either. again bringing up the point that being "big" in terms of capacity, doesn't mean "big" in terms of bookings (specially when ticket prices arent adjusted)
  11. by that logic, if new order were subbing this, would you be suggesting an artist of the callibre of blur should be headlining?
  12. courteeners played directly above the vaccines a few time last year- have they been ruled out cos of iow? defo a global act last year
  13. would be amazing, but i think they’d have had to hike the prices massively
  14. yeah i guess you’re right about them being bigger than tame in u.k, i think my mind was thinking about europe and worldwide😂my bad
  15. as much as i think you have a point, tame impala were a u.k. exclusive for citadel last year and are arguably bigger than catfish- so although they won’t be an exclusive, it’s quite possible they’ll just do the two city shows (london&glasgow) and appear at glasto maybe also does the fact that catfish are playing citadel, and trnsmt mean they’re less of a ‘global’ act now?
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