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  1. i don’t get what they were doing wrong first off (other than having a laugh?)- but the idea of bands presenting themselves well in public sounds pretty boring to me ?
  2. i thought blossoms maybe? got a new album coming out, and were also above don broco (who subbed this year) on quite a few fests this year
  3. i thought blossoms maybe? got a new album coming out, and were also above don broco (who subbed this year) on quite a few fests this year
  4. he doesn’t take himself seriously and maybe neither should you
  5. Frank Ocean[&/or tyler] (brockhampton/the internet/kali uchis/jorja smith) Foals (everything everything/friendly fires/yak etc) Tame Impala (mark ronson/ beach house/unknown mortal orchestra/ melody’s echo chamber/theophilus london/psychedelic porn crumpets) Arcade Fire or Black Keys Lana Del Rey (marina/lykke li) David Byrne -would be my guesses, but i was wildly off with my predictions for this year, so what do i know
  6. (image found on insta) it didn’t look particularly busy
  7. i agree, but i think some people are concerned that there isn’t gonna be a return on that investment, if tickets are gonna be given out for free. The question was mainly to do with Huawei having to pull out anyway, and whether that’ll have much of an effect
  8. will all points east have to drop Huawei as one of their main sponsors (if the festival makes it to) next year? cos last year they had Samsung, and didn’t know whether another sponsorship loss/swap would be a nail in the coffin? {the question is in light of Huawei’s potential phone ban in the UK}
  9. i hope someone explained that the crowd weren’t booing the strokes but the sound ??
  10. i couldn’t hear over people talking and i heard someone on LBC describing the exact same problems for chemicals (massively reduced sound on the right and centre left was much better)
  11. wasn’t too far back but couldn’t hear a fucking thing (started off at the front-ish, then tried to move to the right of the sound desk and still couldn’t hear anything) is anyone else gonna try get some money back?
  12. i was 17 last year for the nick cave day and it wasn’t too strict, but (as my mate already mentioned in this forum) we did use a nice middle aged couple to let us walk in with them to make it look like we had a 18+, so you could always try that
  13. no change there then, cheers on a side note, i did read the only place to pick up physical copies of jarvis’ new single was at these upcoming shows, so might still be worth checking the merch-stand out anyway:)
  14. anyone seen any strokes merch from their last two “comeback” shows?
  15. just listen to johnny marr play his solo stuff then, cos it’s ace win win
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