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  1. DoubleB

    Screens at the Park

    I think that adding screens would ruin the intimacy of the area (my favourite btw). Maybe keeping it to lesser known/less popular artists is what is needed rather than expanding.
  2. You want to get yourselves one of these no leakage at all unless you tip it up (which I did to move the ice around, was quite refreshing).
  3. DoubleB


    They’ve said it’s a 5 year on going project until finished so additions likely each year.
  4. £2.50 for 2kg bag. Put into cool bag backpack = ice cold drinks all day long ?
  5. DoubleB

    Bar Prices?

    Great spot @Hotchilidog ?
  6. Absolutely no issue with it at all. There’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy sitting, standing, laying, whatever. If you leave your chairs then maybe offer to someone near you to use whilst you go for a bimble? Have a great time and don’t stress about it.
  7. Thanks for the shout out and playing of my request @Greenelk
  8. Great show so far (missed first 45 minutes). Good tunes, chat and info. Thanks
  9. I’ll be sure to listen in whilst packing! Perfect way to get even m ore hyped up! My selection would be: Loyle Carner - Ottolenghi
  10. Flying over from Guernsey first thing Thursday morning, train to Bath where friends from Northern Ireland who have been on overnight Belfast-Liverpool ferry will pick us up. Should be there in plenty of time to have a wander, go to Le Rac Shack then Baggy Monday’s to kick off the weekend.
  11. DoubleB

    Stage locations

    It’s pretty well signposted as well. If you’re not sure at any point just ask someone and they’ll point you in the right direction and even if they don’t know someone will.
  12. On your genuinely excited to see list you’ve got more than enough. They’ll be clashes for sure (Chems/Killers/Wu-Tang/Hot Chip all expected to headline their respective stages on Saturday night for example). I intend to pick 1 or 2 a day that I want to see then just bimble around and go and check out T&C and Green Fields and get lost. Not to mention eat my 5/6 meals a day because it would be rude not to with such good food available ??
  13. Thanks a lot, great to know
  14. Has anyone stayed at Willow Meadows (was previously Pop Up Motel)? If so please can you advise how long it takes to walk to the nearest gate (D I believe)? Also leaving on Monday to get back to Bristol Airport how long do we need to give to get to the airport by 3.30pm? Also any other tips would be very welcome Thanks in advance
  15. Nowhere near as experienced as others on here as have only been once before in 2015 (very excited about this year though!). Seen messages saying 2015 wasn’t great for weather but to be honest I don’t really recall it being that bad (we stayed in WV and had some hilarious exploits getting back up the hill though at times where we’d slip back down to the bottom ? and have to go again). Invest in some good true waterproofs (I’ve got some trousers and jacket that pack up into a bag that is no bigger than 2 packets of crisps side by side), some decent wellies and wear shorts all the time. Did everything I wanted plus more and never once felt that the weather prevented me doing anything. If it’s the same again this year I’d be more than happy. Like many it’s mindset, you’ll have a blast no matter what the weather and if it’s that bad there are plenty of places to seek cover if necessary.
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