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  1. Bon Jovi playing the UK. Massive gap smack on Glastonbury week. Possible ?
  2. Not sure if its been mentioned in any other threads or on here but there is one band I wondered could definitely headline. They are touring the UK and playing the Ricoh Arena on the 23rd then nothing till the 3rd July in Germany. The band is Bon Jovi. Who definitely would be big enough, would have a belting repertoire to choose from and would blow the pyramid stage with an amazing set JBJ has previously said he would love to do it and they are the sort of band that play well in big festivals. Possibilities ?
  3. I can sympathise with what you are saying. I too know people who have had tickets turn up at their house for complete strangers. Obviously there is an element of it happening. I don't deny that at all My point however is that many of the local tickets go to family members or friends outside the catchment area with the full knowledge and consent of the residents of that address. As I said earlier I know one house where the kids have left home and yet all manage every year to attend by being registered at their parents house. None of them live there anymore but they continue to apply as if they were. They all have partners so they want their partners to join them and thus even more tickets are taken. You could argue both sides of the coin here. As you say it is locals who are inconvenienced so they should get some kickback. Could it be not argued that if ME offers them a chance to apply for tickets to say thanks for putting up with the festival, its their choice what they do with them. Many Piltobites take the free tickets and sell them on. Should it not be the case then that if they aren't using them they should be put back into the resale. Should residents be allowed to tout their tickets? Its a tough one and one we all wish could be solved but it won't happen. There will always be someone who does what they are not supposed to. That is life. If we push too hard and kick up too much of a fuss they could decide to remove the local ballot completely and make everyone battle it out in the main sale. We have to be very careful what we wish for because of they do ever decide to try and be 100% rigid In the rules we could end up all losing out. Lets take another angle here. Many locals apply for tickets in the main sale first and get a second bite of the cherry if unsuccessful. Millions may argue that is wrong. Locals should only be able to apply in the locals ballot and not take tickets that people living else where are supposed to get. It can work in reverse too
  4. Which if you see was edited very quickly to remove any potential guidance. As for the numbers I am not sure where you live but I live in Shepton and I can easily take you to 20 or more houses where I know people who don't live in the area gain tickets by being allowed to use someone else's address. And I am a relative newcomer to the area. If the real truth is known there are I would imagine hundreds if not thousands of people who are swinging the lead to help friends and family. I understand your point but i suspect the problem is not what you think. The problem lies a lot closer to home and I would bet a large sum of money that someone you know abuses the locals ballot
  5. Indeed it does flag up hence the reason if you buy a locals ticket the only time they will allow a change of address is if its to another address within the locals catchment area. You cannot purchase a ticket to a local address and then change it to an address outside the locals area. They simply don't allow it barring exceptional circumstances. Now however I am going to blow your whole argument out of the water. Many of the locals within the catchment area allow others to use ttheir address. In most cases for family who do not live in the area and would not qualify for tickets. Family members move away but see tickets are never told. I know of one family where 8 children have left home to live around the UK. They ALL get locals tickets because they are still registered as living at home. Not only that they have registered partners who likewise get tickets. In one house there are over 10 people registered as locals ( which granted they were at some point) but do not live there permanently. Hundreds of kids have gone off to uni and as such do not live in the area. They simply register at their parents address to qualify. If you are going to apply the rules strictly any one living away at University should not be eligible for locals tickets either as their permanent residence isn't the address they are registered to. I know literally dozens of locals who use their address to help friends and family get tickets they are not technically entitled to. Local people are the biggest culprits for abusing the system and its been that way for a long time. Part of the perks of being a local is using your address not just for yourself but for friends and family. GF actually admit they don't mind as long as people don't take the piss. If you are local and get your boyfriend a ticket they will not kick up a fuss. They only get annoyed when people are profiteering by charging others to use their address or abusing the privilege ie you are registering too many people to your address and they see loads of people trying to use the same address and its obvious they don't all live there and its being used as a scam to avoid the main ballot But as I say, locals are equally guilty for getting people tickets when they are not supposed to. If you want to throw abuse at those who get tickets when they shouldn't throw abuse at the locals who help them. Mums, dads, brothers sisters etc.
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