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  1. I feel the same way, also on a pretty small stage? I guess he has blown up since he was booked?
  2. I've known them primarily as DJs so I agree with you there. The selection is going to be on point.
  3. With new releases recently by the likes of Octavian, Skepta and slowthai is Stormzy becoming less relevant? I am sure he will draw a decent crowd but a collaboration with Ed Sheeren does not set the heart racing. Personally, I am skipping Stormzy but Octavian and Deznel Curry are must-sees.
  4. How does it work because to my ears the standard is pretty high so is there some vetting ?
  5. Is there any chance that I can make Denzel Curry finishing on the Truth stage (Shangri-la) at 12 and getting into BH for Avalon? Or should I make alternative plans
  6. Just watched the HAAi set (and the woman climbing/falling over the barrier?!?) and as always a fun set. She has come a long way since Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalston
  7. Haelos are a little like The XX
  8. On Clashfinder its Truth Stage, Thursday, 22:30
  9. The crowd switch between Patrick Topping and Monika Kruse at the temple is going to be interesting
  10. Too much to take in at the moment! But liking that Friday line up at Beat Hotel. There is going to be a lot of clashes, especially as there is so much choice across the areas now
  11. Was that 2016? I remember being in there waiting and then realising it was not him Anyway, thanks all for correcting me. Either way the lineup is superb so far!
  12. Are we expecting any surprises for Beat Hotel? I would love to be proved wrong but I cannot see Avalon Emerson coming to play at the festival just to play there.
  13. You just know she is going to clash with Charlotte de Witte now
  14. You make a good point about the atmosphere, maybe I was expecting too much!
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