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  1. Hope they play their remix of Voodoo people
  2. Hopefully with some of the Running back crew (primarily Fort Romeau)
  3. Ninety9

    2019 Headliners

    Doubt you would get a manufactured K-Pop taking the risk but for an indie band like Hyukoh or similar I could see it happening
  4. Roosevelt would be great. Big gap but so far no UK festival... Got excited when I saw Empire of the Sun are playing Brixton academy on the 7th July but in the US over Glastonbury weekend
  5. Only heard Eclair Fifi on mixes so cannot comment on seeing her live. Mick's Garage is a strange one because the bookings are usually pretty decent but the atmosphere can be lacking as you get "regular" people there. However, as it is not summer that might be reduced.
  6. Apologies if mentioned before but Thievery Corporation are playing in Austria on the 28th June. I've got my fingers crossed. Edit: Just saw the previous page - ignore me!
  7. I would rather see an up and coming DJ or solid "mid-card" act at Glastonbury than see some popular DJ or legend in a shit enviornment. That being said, would love to see Villalobos have a 6 hour set somewhere this year.
  8. It is Russian organised so there is that. Not sure I would do the whole 2 weeks either!
  9. Did you make it to Phu Quoc for the Epizode festival? Looking at the reviews and its very tempting to get there for NYE
  10. Personally I like it because its small but that may be a negative for some
  11. Ninety9

    2019 Headliners

    Would be behind this so that is Fat of the Land and albums before that plus Warriors Dance?
  12. Saw Powder recently at Corsica studios and she was excellent
  13. Thanks for the big write up. More of a fan of smaller venues but the lineup is my type of music. If not hoping at least Fort Romeau and Gerd Janson play over the Glatonbury weekend.
  14. Hey all, long time lurker - this is the only way I can keep in the loop of all that is happening in the electronic world. What are people's opinion on E1 London as a venue? Thinking of going to the Running Back event in Feb
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