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  1. I work in a hospital and on a week off (back in April) started feeling odd and had a temperature. Didn’t feel too bad but not right. Went for a test and it came back positive. I wasn’t feeling too rough and at any other time would have put up with it and gone to work. But instead isolated and was glad I wasn’t feeling too bad. Nearly a week went by and apart from the temperature and sore throat I didn’t have any symptoms but on day 6 I started finding breathing a little hard and my oxygen SATS dropped to 95%. I was warned that if they dropped to 92% I should go to the hospital. By day 1
  2. you do have to put up with living in Essex though lol
  3. Depeche Mode, Dr Feelgood Yazoo The Horrors from my area
  4. Don’t know if it has been mentioned but Haim have a big Glastonbury sized gap in their dates
  5. coincidence? https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/300078181/england-allrounder-ben-stokes-to-fly-to-new-zealand-for-family-reasons
  6. I had it back in April. Had a really sore throat and a temperature. No cough or loss of smell. After a week of feeling ok but a bit strange I went down hill fast and ended up in hospital in oxygen for a few days. I am still struggling to catch my breath now if I use stairs or walk up hills. I would certainly struggle with a Glastonbury. Strangely my wife didn’t get it at all and we didn’t distance at all.
  7. I was on my way home from a club in Southend and had stopped in a kebab shop and they had the news on and it was reporting about the crash.
  8. has it, i would say her fanbase seems to be mostly people who were young-ish in the early 2000s and have aged with her and are now in their 20s
  9. Bennykill

    2020 Halftime

    i did really enjoy it. some very fun tracks on it.
  10. Bennykill

    2020 Halftime

    i haven't listened to much so far this year. the car journey to work has been a lot shorter lately.
  11. i had a lovely lunch at a little pub near me on Saturday. lots of space, only a few people and everyone at a safe distance. a few pints some good food then home for a nap. it was perfect.
  12. My first rescheduled, rescheduled gig.
  13. Just finished The Morning Show. Really enjoyed it, very Sorkin-esque.
  14. New Order have moved their London October date to November 2021. Still says only UK date so looks like they won’t be at Glastonbury
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