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  1. @THEBOILERMAN could you message me with the latest details if you've moved forward with the busses? Cheers.
  2. Alright mate, Just wondering what the script is with these busses? Do you hire a driver? and when will you be organising it? There will probably be a group of us up for it, we just need to wait until after resale to see if we can get a few more mates tickets and confirm exact numbers.
  3. Is this from Glasgow you run the busses from? Will you be doing it again for 2019?
  4. I've been looking into travel to the festival and found some coach hire available, the one I'm eyeing up is a 16 seater return from Glasgow to Glasto. First quote is £1200 return for the bus (I think there may be some room for negotiation). Currently we are only a group of 6 going down from Glasgow, maybe a couple more depending on how successful the resale goes. I'm really just seeing if there is any interest in filling up the rest of the seats to make it as cheap as possible. Full up, it could be as cheap as £75 each, considering it was £150-ish for the official coach tickets it represents a pretty good deal I think. Cheers, H
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