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  1. If anyone wants a video of the full set, let me know
  2. Rest in peace Big Dog, forevermore the goodest of good boys
  3. Kind of OT, but I've been to Kruger Park twice and both times I've seen lions lying on the tarmac. As Sir Tom would say, it's not unusual.
  4. Nick Mulvey is doing a gig on Instagram tomorrow at 5pm.
  5. Bit late to this party, but Nick Mulvey did a lovely short set on Instagram yesterday and said he'll be doing more throughout the week - check his Instagram for more details.
  6. Gigs cancelled (or expected to be cancelled) for me: Squid Country 2 Country Gregory Porter Goldfrapp Book of Mormon Glastonbury Holidays cancelled: Trip to Paris Trip to NYC Fuck, shit and bugger! However in the grand scheme of things gigs and holidays aren't really important. Stay safe and healthy everyone, and please do your best to help look after anyone who can't look after themselves.
  7. LCD Soundsystem, 2016. All of my mates went to see Coldplay - no harm in that (I'm generally of the view that they're really quite good, despite the abuse they get on here). Consensus from them is that Coldplay were brilliant, but I'd seen them at Wembley a few weeks before and had fallen in love with LCD in the year leading up to June 2016 (bit of a latecomer to the LCD party) so I had to go see them. I got myself as close to the front as possible, made friends with the good people around me and saw the best 90 minutes of live music I've ever witnessed before or since. Honorable mention to seeing Nick Mulvey do a secret(ish) set in the Tipi field last year, that was awesome.
  8. Is this based on any knowledge or information, or is it just speculation? I'd love to have both there this year, only caught the last 20 mins of Underworld's set last time they were there 'cos one of our group dragged us to see Disclosure, who were shite.
  9. I've wanted to see Orbital for years, I'm not particularly arsed about any of the potential headliners as things stand so crossing all fingers and toes for Orbital - on West Holts preferably.
  10. It wouldn't affect the pitch, there's special pitch coverings they use to protect the grass for concerts.
  11. I'd had a listen to him before the festival and managed to persuade most of my group to join me - we had a great time, the basslines were v strong that afternoon! Admittedly he's a bit marmite and most of the women in our group made a swift exit, but he's become a bit of a legend amongst those that stayed for the duration.
  12. Went to see Puff Daddy (as he was known back then) and "the Family" (so the likes of Carl Thomas, 112 and few others) at MEN Arena back. Teenaged me was impressed that they had flames and fireworks. Otherwise it was complete shite.
  13. It would always have been a longshot, but I've always wanted to see Wolfmother at Glasto
  14. We turned up to his set in the JP Tent last year about 10 minutes before he came on, couldn't get in the tent at all - so I guess the answer to your question is yes, very much so.
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