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  1. If all of us cross enough of our fingers, it will happen. Right?
  2. Ugh, this! Gutted that they're not on there. Fingers crossed they've been booked but just not included on the poster.
  3. Ata Kak. His 2017 set was bloody brilliant. I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!
  4. Ball bags! Fair enough though. Here's to hoping that either (a) he's a troll with too much time on his hands, or (b) he tries to ditch his shift, gets caught and is unceremoniously booted off site, never to return. To all of the nice and normal folk on here, can I make a suggestion? Stop telling him how or why he'll get caught. All that does is make him aware of all of the checks and procedures involved with volunteering for Oxfam, and make it more likely that he will get away with it. To all of the volunteers reading this - thanks for volunteering and making the festival as good as it is. To @glastoloverpaul - go fuck yourself. I suspect you spend quite a lot of time doing that anyway, so it shouldn't be a new concept for you.
  5. @glastoloverpaul, for the record, I've got a ticket and I will join in saying that you're a terrible person and a selfish and arrogant arse. No one wants your particular breed of knob head at Glastonbury. If (and it's a big 'if') this isn't a pathetic attempt at trolling, can @eFestivals trace this chump's IP address and get in touch with the Oxfam volunteer folk to see if anyone they've given a volunteer place to is using the same IP address? Because that would certainly narrow things down a bit. I could be entirely mistaken as to how the IP address thing works, but worth a try.
  6. I like a lot of Sleaford Mods stuff, but Williamson is being a tit if thinks he should gate-keep who's allowed to write songs about sociopolitical matters affecting working class folk, because he thinks he's working class and Idles aren't. Sounds like he needs to pull his head out of his arse. Williamson lives in the same part of Nottingham as I do, he's definitely not working class anymore.
  7. I reckon (based on nothing in particular at all) there's a good chance of them playing, their last set before they went on hiatus went down a treat based on what I've read on here - JP headliner would be perfect.
  8. Nah, Kylie will get the biggest crowd - Sunday punters and novelty factor will make sure of that I reckon.
  9. It was, but I could be sober as a judge for months on end and I'd still think that album was complete dog piss. Anyway, it matters not, Alex Turner and his own unique brand of toss pish will not be at Worthy Farm this year, so I am grateful.
  10. To each their own I guess. 👍
  11. It's an absolute abomination of an album. Critics love it cos they get to use long words when reviewing it, but to any other person with working ears it's complete toss.
  12. It's Destiny's Child, isn't it??? 😬
  13. I've got a copy of the video of the 2016 LCD set, if anyone wants it?
  14. Another vote for LCD Soundsystem in 2016 as the best non-Pyramid-headliner set. Not just the best non-headliner set I've seen at Glastonbury, but the best gig I've ever seen anywhere, ever. Must have watched it 20+ times now, and now that I've said that I'm going to have to stick it on when I get home later...
  15. Idles please - bloody awesome at Bestival this summer.
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