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  1. Vodafone install big 'temporary' phone masts at Leeds fest to drag more signal into the area so its absolutely a thing that is possible.
  2. Agreed. This was my 9th Slam Dunk so i've seen it through 3 venues now and I did love the setting of this new one, the stages worked really well and it wasnt too huge. The fact its on a hill for the main stage is great as makes it easier to see. Toilets wernt bad but theres been issues in years past with those. There needs to be a better bar system as the wait was about 20 mins at most although we found the one where all the rides were was empty all afternoon once most people were in. There was loads of food choice and the queues did go down pretty quick on them I found. Traffic wasnt great but ill let them off for that as its the first year. Phone signal was my major issue, lost my friends twice after going toilet and proved nigh on impossible to contact anyone at all. Luckily a few texts went through eventually. They need a mast thing like at actual Leeds fest next year. All in all I think the new venue was a sucess and I think it will stay there a while now as theres plenty more room to grow. I can even see it going like 'Give It A Name' in the future and being a 2 day event where they swap the bands in each venue either day.
  3. Apps changed to this now rather than Y3K
  4. I doubt anyone genuinley thought it was Jonas Brothers, that was a joke.
  5. Normally 1 or 2 types of larger (not sure which as I don't drink it) and normal strongbow and dark fruit. £4.50 a pint from what I remember
  6. This is why I persinally can't see it being Busted. They arn't 'special' at all and not worth the hype. I could be totally wrong but to me they just don't fit.
  7. I've had a look, he doesn't follow anyone from Busted but he does follow loads of other band people, although they have either played before (All Time Low, GC, Boston Manor, Creeper) or split up (Lower Than Atlantis) and can't see anyone other than Jordan from BMTH or anyone from ADTR at least that i'm aware of so thats a dead end really.
  8. What does everyone think will hapoen with it? Will they announce it? Give more clues till its pretty obvious? Leave us guessing so we have to show up to find out? Personally I hppe its more clues as its kinda fun and obviously kerping people interested.
  9. Also just checked, they played O2s last time they were here not arenas
  10. Hatfield is 26th though not 25th
  11. People on twitter are saying Busted. God I hope not.
  12. It says headline tour
  13. Not Simple Creatures then. Could be ADTR or Blink?
  14. They've put on insta stories its someone whos never played SD before so that rules out loads
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