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  1. Is Travis tonight or Thursday?
  2. Just heard from the same guy, he's heard from the bloke at the record label and it's: Sean Paul - Saturday Headlining John peel Diplo - Park stage Foals - 6:15 slot Supposedly he's had it confirmed to him and from where he's got it from, there's no reason what so ever to doubt it! Sorry for any confusion, getting all my stages in a twist 😂
  3. Jake9502

    TBAs 2019

    Haven't a clue, just heard it's 100% him
  4. Jake9502

    TBAs 2019

    Diplo Saturday headliner and foals in the 6:30ish slot. Certainty.
  5. Checked today, the person is still 100% on Diplo and still certain of the foals in the 6:30ish slot.
  6. I had the same view tbh. I wanted stereophonics or a big suprise or Brad coops so when I got told these I was abit gutted, especially with diplo! But I know others will be happy.
  7. Haven't a clue mate. Literally just passing on some very reliable info. I was surprised foals for the park one tbf but 🤔 Like I said, just passing it on, but I'm certain on these.
  8. Very confident. Really not a foals fan myself or Diplo, so when I found out I wasn't too fussed but I'm pretty sure! Same place told me a few other smaller acts on the pyramid/other before line up so know reason to doubt, but obviously like anything, until there on the stage it's anyone's speculation. But if I was a betting man.....
  9. Honestly - 10. Theyll be at the park stage then!
  10. Heard 6:30 Saturday park stage will be foals as the suprise. The Saturday John peel headliner missing - Diplo. Very spot on for this.
  11. Jake9502

    TBAs 2019

    Is she actually brining a past legend?
  12. Jake9502

    TBAs 2019

    Bradley cooper, park stage Saturday?
  13. Jake9502

    Miley Cyrus

    Recon shell bring dolly out?
  14. Bradley cooper Duran Duran Richard Ashcroft Pink Erasure
  15. Saturday is clash central! Capaldi on at same time as hozier!
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