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  1. Jake9502

    "Moments" of 2019

    Better the devil you know 😉 If Bradley Cooper is there and bring out gaga
  2. Jake9502

    Miley Cyrus

    Recon she’ll bring out dolly?
  3. James? The Specials? Duran Duran? Bring me the horizon 😉 (Friday maybe) also, I do still believe there will be another big act to be announced! (all purely just thoughts)
  4. There’s loads more to come so can’t complain. I recon some big names too!
  5. Wonder if they’ll be added later
  6. There will still be lots more acts announced over the coming months/full line up, I’m sure lots more wow acts, big names and surprises along with additions! Me personally I’m happy with this line up and can’t wait 😊
  7. I genuinely think it’ll be tomorrow now, I just want it tonight 😂 I’m in the cinema, so I want to check in 2 hours and the worlds gone mental with a poster drop (which includes Duran Duran) 😂😂 although 8am tomorrow is more likely!
  8. Feels like Christmas Eve! Unless it drops tonight.... but I’d say it wouldn’t be later than 7, and we’ve not been told to stand by our bed properly yet!!!
  9. Jake9502

    2019 Headliners

    Any updates Neil? Can I leave the side of my bed until tomorrow morning or am I still to stand on post? 😜
  10. Jake9502

    2019 Headliners

    I’d say it’s more an issue they’ve just pretty much recycled the acts from 2017 and put them on the pyramid! How has no one in booking had this mentioned to them 😂😂
  11. You’d think so but I’m not a podcast listener so I’m unsure when they usually get released! 😂
  12. Will it be a midnight release?
  13. Jake9502

    2019 Headliners

    We need a bone thrown. A rob da banks podcast available from midnight?
  14. Jake9502

    2019 Headliners

    When you haven’t had a decent announcement since December.....chapati man at glasto is the closest we’re gonna get anytime soon.....slow news day 😂😂
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