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  1. Maybe I’m clutching here, but that Gas Tower 2-3 Sunday slot... coincidence? I mean why would they ask Rudimental to create playlist?
  2. Jay89

    Leave No Trace

    Did Glastopaul leave?
  3. Jay89


    Shit, I actually didn’t think about it at all! I’ll hold me horses 😉
  4. Jay89


    We should do a meet at the temple for Monika Kruse, so far she’s probably the most common must see for folks here 👍
  5. Done my lower back in. Cause there isn’t better time for it than a week before festival 😥
  6. Jay89


    Bugger, wonder if it’s too late now! How long did people wait for Lilley’s order to come? And does it come with Royal Mail or courier? I totally forgot to order some, gutted!
  7. Jay89

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Have you ever done 2 without doing 1? Think about it!
  8. Yeah, my decision will depend of how little or how far I’m willing to walk at the time 🙂
  9. Only got must see’s but doubt I will end up fulfilling this list.
  10. Jay89

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Yep. Alcohol sanitizer and toilet roll!
  11. I’m decanting all alcohol into stainless steel bottles I got on offer in Mountain Warehouse couple of weeks ago.
  12. Jay89


    Can vouch for Nature One! My last one was in 2007, absolute madness! Still remember Felix Krocher’s set that’s done something to my head and I’ve never been the same since 😂
  13. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/caitlin-moran-goes-behind-the-scenes-at-glastonbury-7sckjg86l you need to have subscription to read it though.
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