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  1. Jay89


    No success here. Wasn’t expecting it would hit me like a ton of bricks after only being once. In two minds about resale, don’t think I could go through the same emotions again 😞 Going to Bramley Moore Docks for Circus in two weeks. Not exactly my jam, it’s only to shake the cobwebs off, but I’m sure after certain supplies I’ll have a great time regardless. Anyone know what the venue is like? And Homobloc in November, I’ve got a feeling this will bang anourmously!
  2. Drowning my sorrows most likely.
  3. Jay89

    Sunday Help

    If anyone’s free to help my group of 6 id be forever grateful 🙏
  4. Anyone got verified by visa thingy then?
  5. Newcastle, but Manchester and Leeds as back up.
  6. Good ole anxiety kicked in from the minute I opened my eyes this morning 😭 Good luck to everyone trying today!! From my group I’m the only one equipped with 3 mobiles tonight, as no one is available, but fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞
  7. Jay89

    How Big Is Your Team?

    Lesson learned this year, my group is now 6 as opposed to 2.
  8. That’s even more reassuring, cause I’m with Barclays too.
  9. Done, the only thing that popped up was something along the lines ‘your bank informed us you are enrolled’, don’t know what it was exactly, cause the page refreshed and the payment went through. I take it I should be alright the sale comes. Thanks @parsonjack
  10. Jay89

    Coach tickets

    I take if there’s 5 of us in my group, we would be on the same coach, right?
  11. Is there any way to find out my VBV details? I remember setting it up years ago, but no idea about emails and passwords. Although ticketmaster and Skiddle are always coming up with verified by visa screen when I book, but it goes through without having to put password in.
  12. I’ll be trying at work on Thursday. And only just realised i should be at work on Sunday morning too, but not gonna chance it, as internet there is a joke at the best of times, so will be ‘working’ from home hah!
  13. No, she submitted different photo each time, but it keeps saying the same thing. It’s just not meant to be, clearly!
  14. As above. One of my mates got her registration refused multiple times and the reason being that she looks too young. Is that even a thing? She’s 26 years old and definitely doesn’t look like she would qualify for being a child 😳 She mailed Glastonbury HQ, they gave her some different link for registration, but it came up with the same reasoning. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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