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  1. This track!!! Heard it first time when Tiefschwarz played it at Love Parade in Berlin in 2006. Still one of my favourites!!!
  2. Homobloc was unreal! Fair to say the ladies on main stage won the night for me (bar Black Madonna which I had no intention seeing). Haven’t seen anyone in Concourse as it was too busy anytime I passed by. Little bit disappointed by Haai, but after her Glastonbury set Nothings gonna cut it.
  3. Same old. Seen couple of lads dragged from the crowd and quite violently pulled into search box. Fairly relaxed on entering the venue mind. Coupla of dogs too, if the info is any use to you.
  4. Found it, thank you. That Midland/Haai clash is hurting my soul, but I’ll go for the latter, 5th time this year, cause she can’t do no wrong in my eyes at the minute! On a different note - I’ve seen Nite Fleit at WHP last weekend, by accident really, and god, it was utter perfection!
  5. I haven’t seen any set times yet, are they released??
  6. No success here. Wasn’t expecting it would hit me like a ton of bricks after only being once. In two minds about resale, don’t think I could go through the same emotions again ? Going to Bramley Moore Docks for Circus in two weeks. Not exactly my jam, it’s only to shake the cobwebs off, but I’m sure after certain supplies I’ll have a great time regardless. Anyone know what the venue is like? And Homobloc in November, I’ve got a feeling this will bang anourmously!
  7. Drowning my sorrows most likely.
  8. Jay89

    Sunday Help

    If anyone’s free to help my group of 6 id be forever grateful ?
  9. Anyone got verified by visa thingy then?
  10. Newcastle, but Manchester and Leeds as back up.
  11. Good ole anxiety kicked in from the minute I opened my eyes this morning ? Good luck to everyone trying today!! From my group I’m the only one equipped with 3 mobiles tonight, as no one is available, but fingers crossed ???
  12. Lesson learned this year, my group is now 6 as opposed to 2.
  13. That’s even more reassuring, cause I’m with Barclays too.
  14. Done, the only thing that popped up was something along the lines ‘your bank informed us you are enrolled’, don’t know what it was exactly, cause the page refreshed and the payment went through. I take it I should be alright the sale comes. Thanks @parsonjack
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