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  1. How much please? I’m just waiting on a reply for someone who is giving one away but not definite. Thanks
  2. That would be fab thanks ?
  3. Is anyone travelling from York or nearby on the Thurs who would be able to give me a lift please? My friend I’m going with isn’t going till the fri but I really want to see Orbital on the thurs night
  4. How is everyone surviving on so little sleep? I’ve not been for years and I’m old now, but need kip, otherwise I’ll be a ratty cow ?
  5. Chems The Cure Hot Chip Jonny Marr Billie
  6. I tried this yesterday and didn’t get the voucher. Bought the booze and got the voucher with that transaction ?. You don’t get it every time apparently. If I’d had more time, I would have went back and bought something else to try for the voucher again before buying the booze. Still a good saving though!
  7. Hardys is lovely. I’m going to stock up on this
  8. Question re Spotify please form a total techno phobe. I was using Deezer before. I’ve had a trial which I’ve been listening to on my iPhone. I’ve now upgraded to premium, but it says I’ve got 30 days free premium before I pay anything. However I’m still getting ads and can only listen to music on shuffle. Is there a prob with it on the iPhone?
  9. Why was he down as a strong rumour for this year then?
  10. I thought these 2 were pretty much dead certs? Any chance they’ll still pop up or have I missed something to rule them out?
  11. Does the coach avoid the queues to get in compared to cars? Also, can you take a trolley with your stuff and other booze on within reason?
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