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  1. undecided here. this was going to be my final glastonbury and i had very much made my peace with that and was kinda looking forward to experiencing other things the world had to offer. I guess I have a lot of time to decide.
  2. please delete if this isn't appropriate - but does anyone happen to know somewhere where you definitely couldn't obtain full sets?
  3. Anyone care to explain why a first refusal system would be so unrealistic? Moving away from whether it's fair or not, whats so much in it for Glastonbury?
  4. Well they've just got a mortgage holiday, i think that's the point people are making.
  5. I don't think he's preaching here. I think Glastonbury means a lot to almost everyone on this forum and we're all gutted that this has happened but what he is saying is 100% true.
  6. Because it's clear from various different angles it couldn't happen. It sucks, but I'm pleased to have the clarity and begin the grief process
  7. Yeh, unfortunately you're wrong here. The report itself says that the models were incorrect. This isn't journalistic license - you can read the report yourself (not long read). Embarrassing as it is (and probably cost lives) at least we're now clearer.
  8. *shock* *horror* the PL doesn't particularly care about the EFL 🙂
  9. Other teams in the playoffs don't really factor in as they don't have any decision to make. For the second point, we're assuming that the season is cancelled - I imagine that there'll be plenty of clubs lobbying to have the season postponed.
  10. Who loses out in the decision they've made though? Seems like an absolute win-win to me. No-one gets relegated and more games next season to recoup ticket losses this season.
  11. I'm not sure that's true - outside of karren brady and a few other oddballs. Fair point on the club vote - but I think this is more a serendipitous occurance that there's an easy option that keeps everyone happy and avoids legal challenges. I don't really see how it's comparable to the glastonbury situation, they can't change consumer law or financial realities or whatever because all the festival organisersall agree on it.
  12. It's apples and oranges. The premier league literally can change their rules as they want, besides the overwhelming likelihood is that they're doing this purely because of red tape - there'd be almost certainly legal action from any of the relegated clubs.
  13. Agreed - whilst I have a pretty firm view on what I think is more fair to do, the festival should do whatever it needs to. My honest feeling right now is that coronavirus is going to be so disruptive and, frankly, horrible that people are not going to have much anger in them to aim at people running a music festival.
  14. Could be completely wrong here - not an accountant - but I think in instances like this you could push the tax to the following year
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