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  1. It was my understanding that really HIIT done properly should not be longer than 30 minutes max plus you should do it twice a week at most - but in terms of building stamina it'll do more than standard cardio. there's my 100% uninformed decision.
  2. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    doesn't something like this happen every year? pretty sure last year bbc put that green day were playing in an article.
  3. kings of leon headline on their 4th album. and 3 acts out of the last 13 years isn't exactly a track record.
  4. whether billie eilish or lizzo are flash in the pans or not - glastonbury doesn't really have much of a track record of bumping up artists that quickly.
  5. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    really don't think post malone is in the mix. whilst it's clearly started to embrace hip-hop, I still think there's a much higher bar for a hip-hop artist to get a big slot at glastonbury. plus I think there'd be a bit of a backlash for choosing a white guy with not a whole lot of respect within the genre to headline.
  6. seems a bit early to be writing lorde's eulogy as a popular artists lads
  7. who amongst us could honestly see this and not be instantly transported back to worthy farm?
  8. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    reckon RHCP are as good value still as they have been. No way they are playing other though.
  9. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    Maybe something that is overlooked in the Macca v Elton debate is that Macca has already played before. Regardless of how much overlap there is between attendees in 2004 and 2020, I think for many people there's a sense that these heritage acts are best as a one time thing. When people were talking about Rolling Stones again this year - there was a sense of "What's the point? they already smashed it". Also, I saw in a Guardian article that Macca's stage show is still pretty much the same as it was last time he played. I'm sure come June no-one will care at all about that though.
  10. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but I can't see his team putting something that obvious out just for a bit of bants. As odd as it was, it pretty much hit the nail on the head for getting people talking and then glasto waited a bit to get a second rush. Just imo ofc
  11. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    Is there any evidence that this is the case. Without wanting to be cynical - is Paul really dicking round on twitter creating cryptic pictures? Seems fairly plausible that it was agreed relatively recently and both parties fancied a bit of publicity, and for contractual reasons, glasto couldn't announce the other two headliners.
  12. Always sneered at people who would go see a band that they aren't massively into their music but because it 'ticks a box', but have to say, I'm tempted to go just so that I can say I saw one of The Beatles live.
  13. Garrett_Salas

    2020 headliners

    what are 7/8th length shorts?
  14. I ask as I've seen a few comments about how transformative the BBC money has been to glastonbury and whilst I've read other comments that BBC have no influence whatsover on who plays, if a significant chunk is put down to glastonbury then, they would certainly have some indirect influence. In that case a Pyramid headliner that couldn't broadcast majority of their set would be a kick in the teeth.
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