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  1. Yeah someone has mentioned this. that would be very handy indeed! Just need to try and get in the crew team. I’m pretty sure they have only a few spaces open year on year so I’m not super positive about it! Just need to find a contact who has previously successfully worked with the crew in the past couple of years. Fingers crossed!
  2. D W

    Resale Club 2019

    Checking in as a broken human! Bagged tickets once in 2016 but other than that I have failed every year since 2011 (including resales -poor form!) This winter may be long and cold for us all, however, We got this!
  3. After failing to get tickets every year since 2011 (poor effort I know) I managed to bag a ticket in 2016 and Glastonbury blew my mind. I thought I was obsessed before I attended, little did i realize what it would do to me . Again I missed out in 2017 and tried to replace it with Wilderness Festival and as good as it was I could not help but think "it's not Glasto though" the entire time I was there. I've missed out again for 2019 tickets and I'm now a fully broken man however still determined to go somehow! The build up, anticipation, relentlessly watching vlogs and performances on youtube from previous years, seeing all line up rumors still fills me with an immense buzz even when not attending. But being there with the thousands of other amazing joyous people and having the greatest time you could possible have, you really can't beat it can you?
  4. Like thousands of broken-hearted Glasto obsessives I have been unsuccessful in nabbing myself tickets (7th time I've failed in 8 years!). My wife will be attending as an NHS midwife and previous festival worker already she is on course to be an FMS first responder again and by hook or by crook I would still also love to attend the greatest place on earth with her by pitching in with one of the fantastic causes I had already signed up for (Wateraid, Oxfam, FMS), But a lovely email has appeared telling me if I have a recommendation from one of the Glastonbury Recycling Crew 2017 I could potentially join the team for 2019 - There's hope yet! Are there any lovely 2017 Recycling Crew able to assist or point me in the right direction? Of course Cider bus pints aplenty for all able to get me on the right side of the fence! Thanks for any help in advance!
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