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  1. Jaysus! That was tough to watch! I thought it was The Running Man at first
  2. Really can't see a PF reunion after reading this recent Rolling Stone interview. It would be great to see him perform Us + Them though
  3. Noble Skunk

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    " ... and happen to be pointing at the same glasto gateway IP " There are 4 Glasto IPs you pick up randomly in DNS
  4. Noble Skunk

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Incognito tabs, multiple tabs and multiple browsers on the same machine are useless because you're dealing with a dynamic throttle on the Seetickets gateway that tracks your external IP. The throttle doesn't care what you use. Someone said the permitted rate is around 60 per min but it's more like 40 generally. Faster than that and you'll hit a quarantine page that looks like a landing page (so you don't even know). The rate you hit this quarantine page depends how much over you are. It's pretty forgiving if you go over a bit, but if you refresh REALLY quickly, like 5 times a second, then you'll reduce your chances to pretty much 0. You might be thinking "but no one refreshes THAT quickly" ... but remember the throttle works on your external IP. What if you have 3 machines on your home Wi-Fi and they're all refreshing twice a second and happen to be pointing at the same glasto gateway IP ... the throttle sees 6 refreshes a second and all machines suffer. The above is relevant but overshadowed by the main issue this year; packet drops causing browser time outs due to demand.
  5. Noble Skunk

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    From a technical POV there is and there was this year. You can understand why you wont see details always appear on these forums.
  6. Noble Skunk

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I agree. I'd sooner the battle to get tickets than a ballot. That said, the system this year allowed those in the know to have a much easier ride getting tickets.
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