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  1. Full disclosure upfront, got tickets last year but failed this year despite multiple people trying with multiple devices. I spent most of this morning unable to reach the queue page. My thought is this, most of us use more than one device to attempt to get tickets which obviously pushes more traffic onto the site than required. To alleviate this strain, why not require the registration number to be entered before joining the queue and block multiple uses of the same registration number? This way nobody can have multiple devices and inflate traffic as you would only be able to enter the queue once with your registration number, hopefully making a smoother experience for all. I'm aware that Glastonbury and Seetickets don't really care about this as the festival sold out anyway.
  2. This year was definitely worse for us than last year. Took nearly 15 minutes to join the queue, page wouldn't load before then! Last year everything loaded fine, straight into the queue.
  3. 0 out of 5 for us 😭
  4. Took 4 minutes last year with four devices in one house, 10 or so devices in three houses this year and nothing! 😭
  5. Latest issue of Kerrang has an interview with Jim. Album is called Surviving!
  6. Ah thanks, looks like a pretty good set! Any reason you think they wouldn't return?
  7. New album out 18th October, to my knowledge they've never played the festival. Anyone think they could do it?
  8. ScarletBlaster

    2020 headliners

    Still don't understand the hype on Foals. Couldn't name more than 3 of their songs... Then again I don't listen to the radio.
  9. Priority for coach tickets for WV? What's the point in that? As a car driver I'd never consider going if I couldn't get WV tickets... Hopefully they've increased the capacity of WV.
  10. No southern date on that tour, wouldn't be surprised to see all three of them on the farm!
  11. ScarletBlaster

    2020 headliners

    Think it's not an issue that Green Day haven't released a "huge" album in a while, they've got the back catalogue. Would be a real crowd pleaser!
  12. ScarletBlaster

    2020 headliners

    Green Day worth a shout for Friday night? Billie Joe was on site over the weekend watching his son's band...
  13. Emilia Clarke was up on the hill above The Park during Foals set!
  14. First time at both the festival and WV, can't imagine not using WV now to be honest! We used the showers on Thursday and Friday but couldn't on Saturday as they had turned them off and didn't bother on Sunday as the queue was massive. Frustrating but nothing could be done about it. Maybe another shower block at the top of the site would be a good idea to manage queues a bit better? Not sure how practical that is though. The ability to use a proper toilet was a godsend for me and my partner, both first time festival goers (any festival). But again, could use a couple more units of the proper toilets to help with the queues. Really appreciated being able to turn up whenever we wanted on Wednesday and have the tent already set up. The sherpas on site were fantastic too, offering help without even being asked! Easy exit on Monday was the cherry on top. Will definitely try to go again, ticket gods dependent!
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