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  1. No Alkaline Trio or Stand Atlantic, bugger.
  2. Just had a notification pop up through BandsInTown that Billy Talent are playing next year. First lineup (excluding PiD) announcement tomorrow perhaps?
  3. With Glastonbury cancelled, do we reckon this is also going to be cancelled?
  4. Still has Mayday Parade and Derek Sanders clashing, even more than before though.
  5. Huh, that clash finder has Mayday Parade ending at 17:50 and Derek Sanders (their lead singer) starting his solo set at 17:45... Gunna go for Brian Fallon as the secret set. He's in the country that weekend and Leeds to London isn't a massive trek right?
  6. Wouldn't mind someone like Rise Against or Senses Fail to replace The Used!
  7. Can't be as they said they weren't able to come to the UK & Europe in May & June. MCR is June.
  8. Hope not! Seeing Brian Fallon on the Saturday so would be disappointed to see the current list of acts split up over two days! If they're doing a second day, does that mean they've got another load of acts to announce?
  9. Brian Fallon would be awesome, seeing him the night before!
  10. Holding out for In Her Own Words, Youth Fountain or Stand Atlantic. First two may be wishful thinking though!
  11. What do we reckon to Senses Fail? Been confirmed they're coming to the UK next year for a big event, but what for? This or as a support to MCR on their tour?
  12. Full disclosure upfront, got tickets last year but failed this year despite multiple people trying with multiple devices. I spent most of this morning unable to reach the queue page. My thought is this, most of us use more than one device to attempt to get tickets which obviously pushes more traffic onto the site than required. To alleviate this strain, why not require the registration number to be entered before joining the queue and block multiple uses of the same registration number? This way nobody can have multiple devices and inflate traffic as you would only be able to enter the queue once with your registration number, hopefully making a smoother experience for all. I'm aware that Glastonbury and Seetickets don't really care about this as the festival sold out anyway.
  13. This year was definitely worse for us than last year. Took nearly 15 minutes to join the queue, page wouldn't load before then! Last year everything loaded fine, straight into the queue.
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