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  1. First time staying in worthy view and leaving a review to help people make an informed decision about staying in Worthy View. Positives Pre erected tent. Takes the stress away about finding a camping space. No need to arrive early and que Weds early hours. We arrived Weds but on reflection I would have arrived a day later on Thursday. High quality tents. Made from thick canvas and a good amount of space. We stayed in a 2 man scout tent and had enough room to fit 2 single air beds and suitcase and bags inside the sleeping compartment. The porch had enough room to keep some camping gear and a large cool box. The tent was better then a standard tent at keeping cool, however in the sun of 2019 it was still baking 8am on Saturday morning Car park is close, 10 minute walk max. Found it easy to make multiple trips. Showers were nice and warm and did really help to freshen up. The showers where in private cubical's. Toilets. There were some flushable toilets which were much nicer to use when you needed a number 2. No back ups like Portaloo's or stench of longdrops. I must stipulate that there was a mixture of portaloos and flushable toilets at worthy view. Negatives Queuing. At peak times around 8am onwards, there was ques for toilets and showers. You could expect to wait around an hour for a shower the peak was around 10.30 ish. Mens ques for showers where smaller then the ladies. I found the queuing for toilets more hassle, as sometimes you cant really wait 20 minutes. The walking. We stayed right at the back of A which meant we were furthest away from the gate. We had to walk about 600ms to get to the start of the hill. Worthy View is very far away from the Pyramid stage, except a long walk. However It is close to the Park and Shangri La. The hill. The first couple of days it wasn't too bad, however by Friday it just became an absolute mission to get up. Imagine walking around the site for miles and then having to traverse a steep hill. It was not fun, especially in the heat. Here is a video I made of the hill https://youtu.be/QC6zakEDIH4 Summary I would not stay in Worthy View again. Im a fit 34 year old and found the distant from the Pyramid stage and the hill too much of a negative. It may have been intensified by the heat of 2019.
  2. Summed up my feelings nicely. Didn't enjoy Shangri-la it just felt like some small stages and didn't have it's normal edge. I also felt the festival was too crowded but the weather may have contributed to that. Was grueling trying to get around in the Saturday heat with all the crowds. So much so we didn't make it to most of the bands we wanted to see. We stayed in West Holts with an umbrella and didn't move for hours. I have the same feeling about not going next year but at this point I believe it's akin to having a hang over and saying "Im never drinking again". Come October the enthusiasm for Glasto will be strong.
  3. jambla

    Is It Too Hot?

    The heat yesterday just sapped my energy. combined with the crowds it was hard to cover ground. I can't remember struggling in heat like that ever.
  4. jambla

    Any Areas you Avoid

    Avoid Portaloo's. Longdrops all the way
  5. sorry to ask the obvious but have you checked your spam folder?
  6. Im in the front of row A, tucked right out the way! Deffo taking a lenor bottle now.
  7. jambla

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Pissing down in Beford but a welcome relief from the humidity.
  8. Put a hat over and in the dark it's really trippy, great for Shangrila
  9. Packed an Eavis mask I acquired at my last Glasto
  10. jambla

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Just done some panic buying on Amazon. Bought a tent fan has a hook and led light, it runs off AA Batteries. https://www.amazon.co.uk/KOBWA-Portable-Camping-Lantern-Rechargeable/dp/B07D8VG4XV/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=tent+fan&qid=1561378240&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  11. jambla

    Hay fever

    Hayfever is subjective to the pollen you're allergic to. This time of year grass pollen is peaking. I have had hay fever at every glasto ive been to and im allergic to grass pollen. On a side note this year is the first year in my life that I am not suffering! Its a big deal for me because ever since I can remember I have suffered badly from hayfever. Constantly sneezing and nose non stop running, eyes streaming, in halers etc. For some reason its not happening to me this year.
  12. jambla

    Blood blister

    Yes! Missed Fabio and Groove rider on the lineup. Will probably go, for some reason I havent ever been in the temple. something to do on the Thursday evening
  13. jambla

    Blood blister

    Thanks guys. I ended up popping it because the pressure was immense. Now it feels so much better. I've bought all the supplies for keeping it clean and will take them to glasto.
  14. jambla

    Blood blister

    Developed this blister after a long run yesterday. To pop or not before glasto??
  15. jambla

    The Weather Thread 2019

    What are you on about? Calm down dear
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