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  1. David756

    Ticket refund

    Yeah this, to be honest. Even though would have been great for me. It’s totally fair.
  2. David756

    Ticket refund

    Yeah someone has already messaged about one of the tickets. So just getting photos ready.
  3. David756

    Ticket refund

    Hey all, well life has has happened and looking like I can’t go ? will be the first time ever having to hand tickets back. I saw that the deadline is 3rd May, which obviously passed. Any way of getting a refund or is that it? Seems a shame as sure two people would snap my arm off for tickets, but hey ho. Obviously didn't purchase protection haha.
  4. I can hand on heart say I did, when labour were in power and it was easier. I know a friend of mine has said if it wasn’t for the conservatives she would still be on benefits because it was easier. She’s now a social worker because in her own words “I realised I had to make something of myself and get a better income” Both ways have benefits, but if you’re able to work and on benefits then you should get enough to live, encourage you to get work.
  5. Tbh, the new lightbulbs are crap ? Anyway Brexit about to get interesting tonight. Stay tuned!!!
  6. That’s why I meantioned not who. Can definitely track for guns and drugs in a moving vehicle, as said we use it in our estates to stop stuff coming in. Yeah essentially down the Irish Sea, also don’t see a problem with that, but say DUP. Canada deal is sweet though, essentially what we want. We did indeed, but now we either need to stand firm, or collapse, and doubt we will collapse. The thing is, if reports are led to be true and only 4 more letters have to go in to trigger a leadership contest, we could find ourselves with someone who just says no deal. It’s a fragile moment in recent history.
  7. The technology is available (we use similar things when entering our estates, not who actually, but definitely what), how practical I'm not sure. I'd also agree with the EU that anything that is manufactured in the United Kingdom is compliant with EU legislation (because let's be honest, it's a decent standard). End of the day the government have to implement Brexit, I know people are upset at the moment but the sheer outrage that would come if they didn't isn't worth thinking about. The EU say a Canada +++++ whatever deal is on the table, if they actually told the truth and said it excludes NI instead of grandstanding (both sides are doing it) then we would get further. It is in the EU's interest to get a deal, as well as show you can't just leave the union. Make no mistake, if the UK make a success out of all this, the EU will be very worried.
  8. Well you're point was invalid when I state enough people did think it. Just because I pointed that out you attack. Dunno about the Irish border, I voted reamin, didn't want that problem. Personally I guess you could use technology, the same as the EU uses, doesn't seem much of an issue for them.
  9. Na probably just wasn't for him. This is my 7th time going. Cheers for the welcome though. Not that the question should have ever been asked in the first place.
  10. What a charmer ? I'll happily keep my ticket though, thanks.
  11. Well enough people thought it was a problem, government agreed (including Labour) to give the choice to the people of the country. The country voted to leave. So whilst you don't think enough reason, plenty of others did.
  12. Wrong, certain laws have to pass all member countries. Other votes are down to majority.
  13. This chat is amazing. i voted remain, but people who claim that it was the only way to vote are wrong. Leave had legitimate beneficial reasons to go that way, as did remain. We voted in the biggest electorate turnout ever, remain lost, we now have to get on with it. It’s is funny that the people campaigning for a “people’s vote” are those that have one agenda, to remain in the EU. Pure and simple that is the reason.
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