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  1. Ah well I haven’t been on here since Glastonbury but had to pop on to say cheers for the mention @Woffy. It’s been a blast! Right back atcha ?
  2. Sprocket, I never once doubted you.
  4. Yourself, Pilton Digger, big dog, the sticky stick and the well all got a shout out. ☺️
  5. Thanks @Greenelk, that was ace. Loved the big dog shout out.
  6. Same. Obvs forgot first thing, slept terribly.
  7. Are you in any pain at all? If not then I’d bet it’s just a wax build up. Ordinarily straight to the docs obvs, but depending on how risk averse you are, I’d be starting on the otex express ear drops straight away and then trying flushing them out with the little rubber ball thing just before you leave for Glasto. I’ve done it loads of times, it’s pretty harmless. Not to be done if you think it’s an infection tho. Hope you get it sorted though either way!
  8. I’m going to try and remember to tune in! I should be awake at 7am (always am).
  9. Honestly, this is the best thread I’ve ever read. It should get some sort of social media award. The actual weather is almost irrelevant to me now, this is the most entertained I’ve ever been on the Internet. Thanks to the main contributors, you know who you are ??.
  10. Oh wow, my hair envy on here is insane. That’s amazing @H.M.V, I’m expecting to spot you now for sure! I’ve just booked festival braids which I’m now realising is super boring and I should have totally gone and got some colour in it!
  11. Yes me, we bought ting!! Haven’t tried it yet...V Excited!
  12. Haha, honestly we’ve made enough vanilla pineapple tequila to ruin almost all of our Glastos
  13. I think we’ve made a bit too much ?. Has anyone any experience of how long these keep if you don’t drink it all at Glasto or should we just tip any leftovers away?
  14. Phoenix Girl

    Hot Chip

    Ooh yeah I can’t wait for tmw!! Sad news about Phillipe Zdar though who produced some of the tracks on the album. He’s had a hand in a lot of my favourite music (Phoenix in particular).
  15. Wow I must say, catching up on 10 pages of this thread has been an absolute delight. Thanks to one and all (esp the dog owners).
  16. This week is an absolute right off. Goodness only knows how I’m going to get through it, I’m counting the hours already and I’ve only been at work since 9.30.
  17. This is the recipe that @Greenelk shared which we used for ours. https://www.heilalavanilla.com/blogs/recipes/65921029-pineapple-vanilla-tequila
  18. Hi Greenelk! So...we decanted the first lot after leaving it about 2 weeks and my husband kindly offered to taste it for me because I’m on a pre-glasto detox. I was a bit worried he wouldn’t be that into it as it’s me who’s the tequila fan- he’s never really liked it (or liked doing shots), but he loved it so much that he immediately bought another bottle of tequila to make another batch. So now we have enough vanilla pineapple tequila to get a small army pretty wasted ?. I’m really excited to try it. We bought some ting to try as a mixer too and he’s also suggested we try and make tequila colada. So we are making the big G a totally tropical affair this year.
  19. Wonder if we’ll get deebeedoobee on 1,000 upvotes before the festival starts.
  20. He is magnificent. What a beauty ?
  21. Use big dog for scale (just unashamedly trying to get to see big dog tbh).
  22. Golden shorts is such a lovely way to say gold hotpants. I shall definitely be wearing my golden shorts on the Sunday
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