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  1. Completely disagree with them being a poor booking for sub, I think it was the complete opposite. A lot of people were thinking they might co-headline, when they were announced the reaction was very much that it was a great booking to have them there in a spot below headlining. They had already played third down in 2015, so subbing after two massive albums is not at all surprising. Just on the matter of where the previous headliners were at in terms of venues pre-community: Catfish (who I'd say are the strongest headliner Community have booked so far) had just jumped up to playing a couple of arenas the November before Community 2017. I was at their Wembley Arena show and I can't remember if it was sold out, but was definitely busy. Two Door's most recent proper tour before Community 2018 was actually back in early 2017 but was Academies and Ally Pally/Barrowlands. They didn't really jump up into arenas until last year. The Kooks seemed to jump up to arenas at the end of 2017, no idea how those shows sold but not a massive arena tour. Royal Blood did a fairly big arena tour at the end of 2017, with a new album cycle (which I presume will be what they'll be touring this summer) they'll possibly manage to shift even more tickets. Granted the fact that they are doing other festivals does make them slightly less of a ticket shifter, but I still can't see any of the previous headliners being as big as them when they headlined.
  2. Royal Blood had started doing arenas, also have 2 number one albums i think. None of the headliner previously have been the size of a sub at Reading when they headlined this, kooks played third down at Reading the year before they headlined community, so did two door.
  3. Compared to the Kooks, Two Door and Catfish, I reckon they are. Royal Blood subbed Reading/Leeds and were considered a big sub given a lot of people had them down to headline/coheadline. And they're a big get for those festivals this year. Not saying its a massive jump, especially enough to justify the late announcement, but Royal Blood would be a bigger booking than anything community have had so far.
  4. This is Tomorrow this year have: -Sam Fender. In Newcastle, there are not many bigger artists, sold out 4 academy shows and an arena show within seconds, bands like 1975 who headlined Reading didn't sell out the arena. -Gerry Cinnamon, also sold out arena rapidly Last year had Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics and Foals (all realistically bigger than what Community has booked before) First year had Catfish and Thirty Seconds to Mars This is Tomorrow attracts bigger headliners than Community. Royal Blood would be a big headliner.
  5. Cool to see Lona on main stage, seen them as Lona and back when they were called Judas. Cool little band, great to see them on such a big stage.
  6. Seeing Zuzu next week which I'm excited for, really gotten into her recently after seeing her support YONAKA last year. Also got Blossoms and Retro Video Club in March. Been quite light on gigs compared to what I normally have, so might see if I can find a couple of smaller shows to do
  7. The only positive I can take from yesterday is that I do think that they had booked themselves into a corner with The Fiend having the title. Don't think he's ruined by any means but Goldberg is just a shite choice, but I guess their end goal is to get the title on Roman and fans would have hated Roman going over the Fiend just as much tbh. I think whoever took the title off of him needed to have a really good story behind it, because he looked so unbeatable. Have somebody come back from a loss or two to him to finally beat him, make it a huge moment, not whatever the hell that was yesterday. Sadly, I've always found myself watching these Saudi shows because they're the only shows minus the NXT UK takeovers I can watch without sacrificing a nights sleep, even though pretty much every single one has just been dreadful. Kind of wish they'd stop taking them so seriously, you can have a stacked card with cool matches that will appeal to the Saudi crowd whilst still keeping them 'House Show' ish, basically avoid major title changes and using them as an excuse to do something that would be booed out of the building in any other country.
  8. Are there genuinely people saying she wouldn't headline? She's become one of the bigger names in music, she'd be amazing for this.
  9. Hard to tell since Wolf Alice are in between album cycles at the moment, but I think they'll be coming back and cracking arenas. Kooks may have done a couple but I don't think they'll keep that up, a lot of people will be happy to say they've seen them once and then I think they'll go down a bit. A lot of people think Wolf Alice might end up subbing Reading next time they play, which is more then Kooks or BBC will ever get imo. Not that there is too much difference in size but I do think Wolf Alice have a slight edge,
  10. Wolf Alice are probably bigger than Kooks or BBC but smaller than the standard they've set the last few years. Personally reckon wolf Alice might do community
  11. I think the thing is hes playing a special guest slot when he could very easily headline based on his size. Still don't think he'd headline but as a special guest he'll help make day tickets more appealing.
  12. I feel like I saw 2000trees tweet after that announcement that Trash Boat were no longer able to play, I might be wrong though
  13. Liam is considerably bigger in the UK right now than The Strokes. He might be a boring booking to some, but he sells tickets like its nothing.
  14. Queens of the Stone Age did in 2017 when they did their secret sets I think (Leeds first thing, then Reading just before the headliner on the Radio 1 Stage)
  15. Fairly plausible other than Catfish third down which is miles away from happening. There's probably a small chance they could get them to sub (although they seem content doing smaller headline shows at the moment so I'm not sure whether they'd just wait until they're asked to headline this), but realistically its co-headline or higher for them.
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