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  1. Nah not a sub. They're not an arena band anymore (I saw them in Newcastle and it was pretty empty). They're also not a very R&L band anymore (I think there would be a little bit of interest, but not enough to warrant offering them a big slot). If they'd take a third down or R1 slot or lower then maybe, but I think its more likely they won't be playing again.
  2. My local Morrisons was doing better than most up until a few days ago but now no pasta, soap, part-bake baguettes and almost out of toilet paper.
  3. Paramore haven't broken up, and also possibly Hayley doesn't feel comfortable playing Paramore songs without the rest of the band?
  4. Thinking about it, The Simpsons may actually have an answer for this...
  5. I'll be honest, there aren't many people whose opinions I trust or care about less than Collymore's
  6. I think the reality of the situation is starting to become apparent in this thread just by the fact that people are starting to say things that they'll probably regret in the future. It is a shit situation whatever way you look at it, and everybody will have a view on how to deal with it. Nobody wants any of these things to happen but the chances are bad things are gonna end up happening over the next few weeks and months. The worst thing that we can do is end up at each others throats.
  7. The knock on effects of closing schools and universities could be really bad. I'm in my final year of university now and we're already dealing with staff striking. If those finished next week and we ended up with forced closures I have no idea how they'd move forward. If GCSEs and A Level exams dont happen then what happens instead? In this case I can't see closing schools being a sensible choice. Surely just keeping on with advice to self isolate if showing symptoms and common sense is the best move forward in that area. There are a whole bunch of implications of people not receiving their qualifications (for one, if A Levels dont go ahead, universities won't have a new group of students come September, there will just be a bunch of final year students who couldn't graduate).
  8. They already have Lewis Capaldi as a 'special guest'. I reckon thats as much as we'll be getting high up on main, because I can't see All Time Low being pushed down any further. Feel like Harry Styles could maybe do a similar special guest style thing next year tbh though
  9. There will be some Americans who aren't covered by health insurance, so they're more likely to be carrying the disease and not do anything about it. And people won't be anymore spread out when they're at the festival? I agree that a lot of areas in the UK will be hit quickly but so will cities in USA.
  10. Edge-Orton, Lesnar-Drew builds both have me hooked to be fair, I feel like the Ripley-Charlotte feud needs more Bianca Belair, and the Reigns-Goldberg feud just isn't going to be good (just have a quick match, try to do what Lesnar-Goldberg was a couple of years ago, quick and exciting). Lynch and Baszler is a strange one because I liked Baszler in NXT but I'm worried she's going to become the latest victim of main roster booking..
  11. A few massive diffferences between Reading/Coachella: the NHS exists so the virus should have less of an impact in the UK, Coachella has a large 'influencer' audience, so they'll probably want to avoid captions like 'I got coronavirus at Coachella', and most importantly: Coachella was supposed to be in April, Reading is 4 and a half months later. The situation will be very different by then, the chances are containing the virus will be long gone, so I wouldn't imagine that large gatherings would be affected really. I don't think Coachella being moved will have any bearing on Reading whatsoever
  12. After being a massive arsehole on 2018, we can all hope hes never here again
  13. Eh I feel like it could work. I think a lot of people will know a couple of songs of there's and if there isn't much else on they'd get a decent enough crowd. There are probably a lot of better options though I'll be honest.
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