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  1. Birbante

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    No worries or traffic - got helped with bags by steward with wheel barrow and straight out!
  2. quite a few bottles appeared on Sunday - the day ticket holders seem to bring a lot in....
  3. don't think that many of these have actually been booked
  4. fucking right! Mr. C Aphex Twin Jagz Kooner Adam Beyer Guy Called Gerald Mixmaster Morris Nina Kraviz Surgeon Sasha and Digweed - they were spectacular at Glade last year Bill Brewster Steve Davis Danny Howells
  5. Seetickets normally issue a statement with the above numbers - just searched for it but couldn't find it. https://www.reddit.com/r/festivals/comments/954pl3/success_rate_of_purchasing_glastonbury_tickets/
  6. 250,000 for coaches and over a million for Sunday morning according to Seetickets analytics.
  7. not last chance saloon. there is a resale around April time
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