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  1. Was supposed to run the 10k but due injury ran the 2k rather than not do it at all. Great morning, under foot was very boggy, my trainer left my foot and got left behind at one point. Had to laugh at the start of our run, Michael Eavis was taking to the kids about the festival and one had asked him if he watched it on the telly. He replied it did more than that ? Well done everyone who ran. DFC5189B-2BD8-4A7F-A5E0-3B59AE65746D.MOV
  2. Packed for our second Oxfam festival, Lattitude, where we leave tomorrow, that will give us priority for Glastonbury 2020 ??‍♀️?
  3. We did Oxfam and had great shifts, Wednesday 21.45 - 6.00, then Friday, Saturday 5.45 - 14.00. So were very lucky. We arrived Monday morning so had 2 days to explore the site before everyone arrived which was great. Other Plus points were great toilets, showers and thought the food in the field we had was lovely. We are doing a smaller festival in 2 weeks so we have priority for Glastonbury next year if needed.
  4. Watchy


    Big metal spikes will stop people standing on the sides ? and shitting on the seats
  5. The ground has definitely dryed up since we went down this morning to Gate B and just returned. There are muddy bits, it’s the on-site traffic making it worse. The campsites are fine . If it doesn’t rain again it will dry out . These boots were fine
  6. Head out of window! Yep stopped and brighting up
  7. I can confirm, it’s just stopped 8.46
  8. Great , we will be arriving in a couple of hours, glad the over night thunder storms didn’t happen. Looks like a dry run in.
  9. Yep, we get it , ready and waiting
  10. Waking up after one night on the farm and now knowing what my Oxfam shifts, working out my to do list.
  11. Don’t do what we did on our first trip after buying it. We packed lots of stuff in the large garage with a view to sort it all out when arrived, but we left the key on the table at home. We had only the shoes we had on, no coats, no towels no cooking utensils and more. Thankfully we managed as it was only for 2 days.
  12. We got our places a while back and did it in Bristol, Glastonbury and Oxfam virgins. I know quite a few are only just doing on line training now. I had to message them earlier, it was 8.00 and they came straight back to me, so they should respond quickly .
  13. Brilliant news, so pleased for you. Hubby and I managed to Oxfam places too. See you in 3 weeks.
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