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  1. shapebuster

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm in Australia, is it possible to use the check page website?
  2. shapebuster

    Resale Club 2019

    I have Pmd you
  3. Hey you beautiful people. I was really disappointed to not get tickets last October despite having a few people helping me at the time. I'm going to give it another crack in the resale and I was wondering if any of you had an instructions manual i could use to guide my friends when they are going through the process I am going to type one up anyway but before i do that i was wondering if any of you kind souls had an instructions manual (word doc, PDF) that I could use as a template? Thanks a lot, really appreciate any help i can get. hopefully see you on the farm!
  4. My point is that i would need to know the price prediction if i was to book my flights in 6-7 weeks time for Glasto dates. It's easy for me to look up the current prices if i was to book them today. I'd need a comparison between the prices of booking a ticket now vs booking it at the end of april
  5. If resale is on the 28th April then I think the time between resale and flight would be about 6/7 weeks
  6. Cheers! Any chance of an extra hand during the resale? Will be a lot easier to bank transfer you with my Aus account. I'm chancing my arm here though
  7. Noo, becuase if i dont get tickets i'll go to Dekmantel in early August and I don't want to spend more than 4 weeks away so it's either Dek or Glasto
  8. I'd love for you to tell me how I can find the price prediction for a flight if it were to be bought in late April, flying out 23 June from Perth to London.
  9. I can get a flexi voucher for 150 but it doesn't cover the cost of the change in air fare. Just the admin fees etc
  10. How would I find this information out?
  11. Ahh yeh. I was hoping to get some more wise advice
  12. Why, was my itinerary too complex for you?
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Seems like a big mix of risk preference from the community which makes it even harder to decide. We have booked Mad Cool in Madrid so hopefully that will be a fraction of glastonbury fun !
  14. hey so my friend and I tried to get tickets to glasto but we failed sadly :( We are doing a euro trip in July from Perth Australia. Now i'm not sure if i should hold out on buying flights till I have another crack at the resale or just give up on my chances and buy flights now and mitigate any potentially expensive flights. If we don't get tickets to glasto then we will be going to Dekmantel so booking our trip for glasto dates regardless of buying a ticket is out of the question. What do you guys think?
  15. shapebuster

    Resale Club 2019

    Thanks, didn't know it was full amount 😕
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