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    Taking it Kendal will wait till after the new year to announce the lineup. Any headliner changes or think it’ll be kept more or less the same?
  2. what day we thinking then? or will it just be another announcement for an announcement
  3. great shout that, can definitely see that happening
  4. By any chance could this Dundee festival be the return of carnival fifty-six or whatever it was called? I remember it was around for a year or two and they decided to take a break for last year but it never came back. Could be shaping up for a return next year
  5. Heard a lot of rumours Ian Brown is back next year and is nailed on for the likes of tramlines and neighbourhood weekender. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him make an appearance at kendal as well
  6. have an odd feeling that LG or catfish are nailed on for next year
  7. Looks like we should be expecting an announcement very soon for next year. Who does everyone fancy? Would love Foals to do a night
  8. Noely G has announced the “first” of his 2020 dates next year. maybe a possibility?
  9. Kasabian just announcing they are doing their Solstice again in Leicester next year and have said it’s their only UK show for 2020, so that’s them ruled out. Thought they were going to be nailed on for next year tbh
  10. Blossoms surely will be there after announcing the third album. Can see them being high up the main stage
  11. Putting my money on chemical brothers to headline a night. just have an odd feeling about it ? Elbow or stereophonics seem good shouts as well
  12. was a bit bored last night, couldn’t help myself ??
  13. Yep, I think she has a pretty good chance of doing it. Lines up perfectly with the weekend. Can see her headlining one night with Dua Lipa supporting or something along those lines
  14. @Mezhyp1 heard anything on the lineup yet? any big names floating about ?
  15. Yeah I agree with Foals not having enough hits, as much as I would love them to be there you’re probably right. I did actually think about Blossoms making an appearance as well. Would it be a wise shout to say Stereophonics? Ive seen them on the lineup headlining quite a few times so i’m taking it they have a loyal crowd at the festival. Feel like Slaves will be there as well, would love to see them headline the calling out one night!
  16. Was my first time at Kendal this year and loved every minute of it, cannot wait to find out who’s playing next year ? with it being the 15th anniversary it’s clear its gonna be a big one, what’s everyone’s predictions? not sure who i’m going for, but i think foals will be headlining a night. Possibly chemical brothers for friday/saturday night? If they are really pushing the boat out for the thursday headliner since it’s the 15th anniversary I would love to see Ashcroft headlining thursday night to open the weekend ?
  17. Paolo Nutini / Lewis Capaldi Kasabian / Ian Brown 1975 / Two Door Paolos day would probably be like the sunday of this year, so defo think capaldi will sub, especially with his hype at the minute. If kasabian are back can see DF booking them as they love to do it for major festivals (not complaining of course ?) and with Ian Brown missing out on festivals this year it seems logical he’ll be around for them next year, think i heard he’s going to bring more material out next year. Can see 1975 doing glasto next year with the hype they’ve been getting at the minute, think TRNSMT w
  18. Gonna put money on Paolo and Kasabian taking out new material and playing. Paolo yet to play and Kasabian will sell tickets. Possibly Royal Blood with a strong sub with their new album on the way
  19. yeah i had no idea where to put him, your probably right though
  20. Final prediction - Friday: Stormzy, Bugzy Malone, Example, Lily Allen, Juice Wrld, The Amazons, The Snuts Saturday: Catfish, Gerry, The Vaccines, Dave, DMAs, The Hunna, Kate Nash Sunday: George Ezra, Snow Patrol (special guests), The Wombats, Sundara Karma, Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker, Neon Waltz Have no idea about rap/grime so just tried to throw something together for friday with different acts.
  21. my thoughts exactly. If the lineup is to be as weak as we think then I couldn’t see very much people wanting to go this year.
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