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  1. Paolo Nutini / Lewis Capaldi Kasabian / Ian Brown 1975 / Two Door Paolos day would probably be like the sunday of this year, so defo think capaldi will sub, especially with his hype at the minute. If kasabian are back can see DF booking them as they love to do it for major festivals (not complaining of course 😉) and with Ian Brown missing out on festivals this year it seems logical he’ll be around for them next year, think i heard he’s going to bring more material out next year. Can see 1975 doing glasto next year with the hype they’ve been getting at the minute, think TRNSMT will book them as well. Two door have new material coming soon and would be a logical sub to the 1975
  2. Gonna put money on Paolo and Kasabian taking out new material and playing. Paolo yet to play and Kasabian will sell tickets. Possibly Royal Blood with a strong sub with their new album on the way
  3. yeah i had no idea where to put him, your probably right though
  4. Final prediction - Friday: Stormzy, Bugzy Malone, Example, Lily Allen, Juice Wrld, The Amazons, The Snuts Saturday: Catfish, Gerry, The Vaccines, Dave, DMAs, The Hunna, Kate Nash Sunday: George Ezra, Snow Patrol (special guests), The Wombats, Sundara Karma, Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker, Neon Waltz Have no idea about rap/grime so just tried to throw something together for friday with different acts.
  5. my thoughts exactly. If the lineup is to be as weak as we think then I couldn’t see very much people wanting to go this year.
  6. is it tonight @Mezhyp1?
  7. @Mezhyp1 what’s the undercard for main stage like? any good for selling tickets to the TRNSMT demographic? trying to pick away at clues to see if it’s gonna be decent haha
  8. this week at any point??
  9. I’m thinking 5, like the announcements last year
  10. ahhh right fair enough. from what youve heard do you know if it’s gonna have bigger bands this year or keep the same level of upcoming acts?
  11. do you know king tuts line up as well @Mezhyp1 ?
  12. have a feeling he could be doing one night at electric fields
  13. Pretty sure Mez ruled out Mumford
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