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  1. StuckInTheMud

    Posh Camping

    How do you fit a double air bed in the two man bell? I assumed there was a pole in the middle of the tent? Cheers,
  2. Who knows mate, I'm guessing in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Thank you all for your responses!
  4. My girlfriend and I are thinking about Worthy View, she's never camped before and I'm just sick and tired of pulling a trolley up to the pedestrian gate, finding a space then pitching a tent. I was wondering what details we would need to book WF, I'm assuming our registration details and the ticket booking reference? Cheers and see you all on the farm!
  5. I was lucky enough to get through, I was the only person in our group of 12. My plan of attack was the following: 1 Macbook Pro - Ethernet Connection to my router using Zen Broadband (14 ping, 60mb down, 20 upload). Running 1 instance of Google Chrome and Firefox - One tab on each browser. >> Google Chrome remained in the queue the entire time, Firefox crashed. 1 work laptop - VPN and Remote access to their Internet. Running 1 instance of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge - One tab on each browser. >> Both crashed 1 laptop - Tethering to iPad (o2 4g) Running 1 instance of Google Chrome and Firefox - One tab on each browser. >> Got through and successfully bought tickets on Google Chrome. Firefox crashed. 1 laptop - Tethering to iPhone (o2 4g) Running 1 instance of Google Chrome and Firefox - One tab on each browser. >> Both Crashed In total, I had 4 devices (all with separate IPs) running 8 browsers with 1 tab per browser. 1 was successful , 1 didn’t crash, 6 crashed.
  6. Yeah, I read about that with the coach sales, the whole data protection thing etc etc!
  7. Awesome, thats what I thought I just couldn't remember from two years ago! Good luck ?
  8. I'm trying to remember the steps of getting to the golden page (to explain to newbies in my group).. Once your in the "queue" you don't have another splash screen do you, where you need to click something like "Click here for tickets". It's queue then straight to booking page, right? Good luck to everyone tomorrow.
  9. Wouldn't these applications / plugins be classed as "multi-hit" software?
  10. I don't know how much success people have had using these in the past, or even this year, but the quote below comes from https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/content/busy I guess it comes down to if you're willing to risk it and personally, I'm not! Good luck tomorrow.
  11. It’s the best way mate, no distractions and once you get that message it means one way or the other, it’s over!
  12. You may book up to 2 units of accommodation per booking. Car parking tickets for Worthy View will also be available to book when making an accommodation booking. Please note these will not be sold separately. link to Worthy View info: Click here
  13. My groups tips / rules.. - WhatsApp group with a mandatory 20 min check in before ticket release. Photo check in confirming everything’s set up and ready to go. No check in = no ticket. Group to go silent 5 mins before ticket release and nothing gets said until tickets bought or sold out. - Shared spreadsheet with everyones details. - IPhone keyboard shout cuts. - IPad tethered to second laptop to split IP - no distractions: door closed, no drinks, no music, nothing but F5. - Disable windows updates two days before. Don’t want any mandatory restarts during the golden hour.
  14. Evening everyone. Been a lurker for a very long time and decided to make an account and actually join in! Praying this will be my fourth visit to the farm, I wish you all the best on T day!!
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